• STV (Steele TV)

    Coordinated by Mrs. Ogren (328-4724 or alison.ogren@d11.org)

    STV members must commit to meeting during lunch and lunch recess on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and most roles are expected to arrive at school at 7:30 on Friday mornings. *There are some roles that do not require arriving early.

    Below is a list of roles and their responsibilities. Fifth graders who want to participate in STV should let Mrs. Ogren know what roles they are interested in and keep her updated as their interest changes. Everyone who is in good academic and behavioral standing and wants to participate will have the chance. Most students will be in a role for 4-6 weeks, depending on the role's responsibilities and demands.


    On camera:

    Anchors- Write a script and read from it with expression throughout the live broadcast.


    News- Write a script and read from it during the live news segment, following the Slides presentation.


    *Cool Tricks- Write a script and read from it during the live cool tricks segment. Sometimes find talent as well.

    Behind the scenes:

    Producer- Coordinate the weekly line-up and keep track of what is done and what still needs to be finished.  During the live broadcast, help everyone else follow the line-up.


    Master- Help camera operators airdrop videos to the master iPad. Create titles to come up on videos for each week.  During the live broadcast, follow the producers line-up and be ready to send the next segment to play. *Requires extreme focus and must be able to handle pressure.


    +Audio- Ensure batteries are charged.  During the live broadcast, listen in and switch microphone channels as input changes.


    +Scroller- During the live broadcast, scroll through the script for the on-screen people to read from.

    *Cameras 1 & 2- Help film and edit pre-recorded videos in iMovie. During the live broadcast, run the cameras that film the live segments.


    *Slides- Help create Birthday and News Google Slides presentations and navigate through the presentations during the live broadcast.

    += Does not need to be at recess/lunch meetings

    *= Doesn’t need to arrive early on Fridays