School Finder

  • School Finder is a database that will match a street address with D-11 schools to help you determine the schools a student is eligible to attend​.

    Enter a street address and see boundariy maps, a list of eligible schools and bus stop information if applicable. ​​​

    Click here to launch School Finder 


Naviance Implementation Steering Committee.

  • District 11 invites interested teachers, administrators, staff, students, and guardians to reach out if interested in joining our newly created Naviance Implementation Steering Committee. 

    Naviance Family Connection is a new postsecondary workforce readiness (PWR) tool that has replaced College in Colorado.  The tool allows students, families, and educators to work together to help our middle school and high school students complete their Individual Career Academic Plan (ICAP) requirements and prepare for their future. The Steering Committee will help guide, clarify, and communicate Naviance implementation to District 11 stakeholders.