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    Scott UIP 2017-2018

    From your School Accountability Committee (SAC)

    Parth Melpakam and Velvet Stepanek - Co-Chairs

    The School Accountability Committee (SAC) is a decision-making advisory group mandated by the State of Colorado to review school goals, drive school improvements and monitor school budgets.  Responsibilities include

    • Making recommendations to the Principal concerning priorities for spending school funds.
    • Providing input in the preparation and implementation of School's Performance, Improvement or Turnaround plans
    • Assisting school personnel to increase parents' engagement with teachers.
    • Advising the school administration on the overall improvement of the school.

    As we commence a new year at Vera Scott Elementary, we would like to invite parents and staff to actively participate in SAC and PTA (Parent Teacher Association).  We will hold monthly meetings in which we will discuss topics pertinent to the school, parents, staff and students (issues such as school security, testing, class curriculum, staffing, generating funds, upcoming school events etc.)

    We will conduct parent/staff surveys periodically to gauge the community's pulse and act as a conduit of communication between the district, staff and parents.  To this end, our monthly meetings are always open and we urge you to attend and contribute to the ongoing discussion.  Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts, opinions or views to improve the school.  As new issues crop up, SAC will strive to work with the parent community to find suitable solutions.

    Finally, the school, staff and teachers are only as good as the support they receive from the parents and local community.  We implore that you join the PTA, actively participate in school events, volunteer in school activities, engage in school fundraisers and be a source of encouragement for our teachers.  Together, we can make Vera Scott Elementary the best in Colorado Springs.  Thank you for your support.

    Velvet Stepanek  

    Email: vstepanek@msn.com

    Phone: (719) 964 - 6002


    Parth Melpakam

    Email: melpakam@yahoo.com

    Phone: (719) 264-9188