• Volleyball is happening! (HOPEFULLY—We are cautiously optimistic!)

    Who: Girls from all grade levels, with a completed sports physical turned into Cynthia Kisielnicki in the front office, are encouraged to try-out.

    When: February 8 to March 6. Most matches will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Practice will be on every weekday that does not have a scheduled game. If you do not have transportation for every practice, on a regular basis, please do not tryout this year.

    Covid Precautions: Players must wear a mask for all practices and competitions.  Students who cannot wear a mask for any reason, should not tryout this season. Because of our unique class schedule, players may not be in class the days we have practice. THEY MUST STILL ATTEND PRACTICE.

    It’s a global pandemic…so we know things can change, and we will stay flexible. To add to the uniqueness of this sport’s season there will only be an ‘A’ and ‘B’ squad—which will require us to make cuts after tryouts. Hopefully next year we can bring back the ‘C’ squad opportunities as well.

    Please send questions to Ms. McFann, leah.mcfann@d11.org


    To tryout or participate in the above sport, students will need the Athletic Packet completed and on file with the Galileo School of Math and Science Office. The Athletic Packet includes: CSSD11 Physical and Participation Form, Emergency Blue Card.  Click on the link below for these forms.  If you have any further questions regarding the Athletic Packet please contact Ms. Kisielnick at 328-2209 or cynthia.kisielnick@d11.org. 

    Click here to get the required District forms.



    Watch this page for more information.