School District 11 Mobile App

  • Colorado Springs School District 11's Mobile App that is available for free in the iTunes and Google Play app stores.  

    The mobile app allows users to sign up for push notifications to receive messages from an individual school or from the school district. In addition, grades are now accessible through the mobile app simply by using your Q Parent Portal login and password information and logging in.

    Also available at your fingertips through this new app are the district-wide and school calendars. Now, you will never miss an important event happening in School District 11 schools again.

    Wondering what’s for breakfast and lunch? Using the Menu icon on the app, users can check breakfast and lunch for the current and upcoming months.  

    That’s not all! Other features on the app include the following: a district-wide directory, a resources section for parents and students, a place to make school payments and check your My School Bucks account balance, social media updates, sports scores and news, and the Parent Portal. 

     You can download the Colorado Springs School District 11 app for free here:

       AppStore        googleplay

Keeping you in "The Loop"


    The District 11 mass notification system (The D11 Loop) is a messaging system that allows us to communicate with you concerning your child’s assignments, schedule, grades, attendance, lunch balance, and special events happening at school. In addition, in the event of the emergency, D11 Loop is the fastest, most reliable way that your child’s school or the District can get need-to-know information directly to you.

    Notifications will be pushed out to the mobile app as well as sent out via texts, emails, and phone calls, depending on the type of notification. 

    D11 Loop utilizes the contact information for your family that you have provided to your child’s school, and they have documented in the Q student database. It is important that you communicate with your child’s school regularly to ensure that they always have accurate phone numbers and email addresses on file for your family. If you have multiple students enrolled in our school system, please be sure to touch base periodically with each school.

Logging into the D-11 Mobile App

  • Click the Login icon in the mobile app.


    Parents - Login using your Q Parent Connection PIN and password. If you do not have a Parent Connect PIN and password, please contact your student's school to obtain this information. If you forgot your Parent Connect information, visit the QParent Connect portal, and click on "Need your Login Information?" 

    Students- Login using your D11 email ( and your network system password.

    District staff  - Login using your email address ( and your network password.

Mobile App How To's

  • How to Customize your News Feed:

    • Open the App
    • Login if you are not already
    • Click on the News Stream icon
    • By default you will see all the District level news feeds
    • Select the settings icon in the top right hand corner
    • Select which school(s) you wish to follow
    • Choose which type of news you want to follow
    • Select "Back"
    • Now your customized selection will display in your News Section


    How to Customize your Calendar:

    • Open the App
    • Login if you are not already
    • Click on the Calendar icon
    • Select the settings icon in the top right hand corner
    • Select which school(s) you wish to follow
      • *You will also have an option to select an elementary or middle school lunch menu to show up on your calendar.
    • Select "Done"
    • Your App is now customized. 



    How to Set up Push Notifications and Delivery Preferences:

    • Open the App
    • Login if you are not already
    • Click on the Notifications icon
    • You will see “Alerts"
    • Your "Inbox" is any messages you have received through our new Mass Notification System
    • Alerts are push notifications that pop-up on your phone
    • To set-up an alert, select the settings icon in the top right hand corner.
    • You can configure alerts for a variety of things and set thresholds.


How to Check Your Student's Information Anytime

  • In addition to us sending you information about your student, parents and guardians can log into the D11 Loop at any time to check their child’s grades, attendance and lunch balances.  

    Go to

    Your login and password are the same login and password you use for the Q Parent Portal.

    Click on Account in the upper right portion of the window


    On the Student tab, click your student's name.

    From there you will be able to see your student's attendance history, classes, grades and assignments.

Adding Text Messaging

  • Initally we will sending notification messages out via emails and phone calls. If you would like to also receive notifications by text message, you MUST log in and opt in to receive texts from your student’s school and District 11.

    Your login and password are the same login and password you use for the Q Parent Portal.

    Staff, use your email address ( and your network password.

    • Click on Account in the upper right portion of the window


    • Under the Account Info tab, scroll down to "Delivery addresses" and click the Add dropdown box.

    • Choose the Text/SMS Number.


    Add the phone number, with the area code, and click save.


  • If my contact information is incorrect what do I do?

    The contact information is pulled from the Q Parent Connection portal. You will need to contact your student’s school to update the information within Q.

     Why don't I see my child's grades?

    The grades and assignments are pulled from the Q student database. If your child's grades are not posted in Q, then they won't be on the app at this time. Please contact your student’s school to get information on how to access the Q Parent Portal.

    I am a District 11 Staff Member with no Q login. How do I login to set my notification options?

    Go to and use your district email ( and your network password.