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  • Sunday, August 18, 2019

    Welcome, North families and friends!  Girls’ Track and Cross Country begin this week, and student physicals and blue cards must be turned into the Main Office before a student will be allowed to participate.

    Monday, August 19

    • Thank you for returning all properly signed forms from Friday’s information packet!
    • Girls’ Track and Cross Country both begin. Student athletes MUST turn in a current physical form and blue card to the main office BEFORE they will be allowed to participate in practicesThis year we have a grant to cover sports fees, SO NO NORTH STUDENT HAS TO PAY TO PLAY STANDARD D11 SPORTS.
    • Before school:
    • After-school: Girls’ Track; Cross Country


     Tuesday, August 20

    • PICTURE DAY. Payment is made directly to Lifetouch.  We do have extra forms at North if you need one.
    • Before school:
    • After-school: Girls’ Track; Cross Country


     Wednesday, August 21

    • Before school:
    • After-school: Girls’ Track; Cross Country


     Thursday, August 22

    • Before school:
    • After-school: Girls’ Track; Cross Country


     Friday, August 23

    • Before school:
    • After-school: Girls’ Track; Cross Country



    • TUESDAY IS PICTURE DAY! ALL students will have their pictures taken and IDs made.  There is also the opportunity to purchase photographs – information went home with students on Friday, and we have extra forms at school if you need one.  Payment is made directly to Lifetouch!
    • ALL FREE AND REDUCED FAMILIES need to fill out a NEW application for the school year. The form is available on the D11 web page (preferred method), or you may pick up a hardcopy in the school office.  EACH STUDENT needs their own application.
    • The NORTH MS OPEN HOUSE will be Wednesday, September 4 from 6:00 – 7:30pm. Parents/Guardians will follow their student(s)’ schedules to meet teachers and tour the building.  This is NOT the time for conferences regarding specific issues – please contact the teacher for an appointment time to have an in-depth conversation.  Thank you.
      • Bell schedule: this year’s schedule is specifically designed for North’s needs. Our new schedule only has bells for the beginning and ending of each day so that we can stagger passing so that the full student body is not in the halls at the same time.  This also gives us the opportunity to have class times of different lengths, ensuring that core classes are emphasized for each student.
      • Lunches have been assigned a period number, which will show on your student(s)’ schedule. The updated bell schedule is attached.
      • NEW electronics & backpack policy: These items are not to be in the halls or classrooms during the school day – this includes lunch times.  Students will put items in their lockers when they come into the building from the cafeteria and pick them up AFTER the last class.  “Backpacks” includes string packs, totes and oversize purses.  Basically, if they can fit a notebook and class book in it, it is too big.  “Electronics” includes anything that can connect to the internet, as well as games, head phones, ear buds, etc.
      • PE/World Languages: This year PE and World Languages alternate on the NORTH/VIKINGS day schedule (day 1=North; Day 2=Viking), ALLOWING all students to have PE all year.  Unfortunately, due to a limited number of available girl PE lockers, 7th grade girls will have the PE lockers, while 6th & 8th grade girls will keep their PE clothes in their regular locker.  Those 6th & 8th graders are allowed to go to their lockers on the way to PE.
      • Dress code: NO spaghetti strap tops, pajamas, cropped tops, bandannas or bandanna art, visible torso skin, offensive art, sunglasses or hats.
      • Food/Drink: NO fast food cups (7-11, Starbucks, Dutch Brothers, Wendy’s, etc.). Only screw-on top water bottles and no open food containers in the halls.
      • DELIVERIES: Students are NOT allowed to order food to be delivered.  Only needed classroom items will be delivered to kids during the day.  All other items (food, flowers, gifts, etc.) will be held in the Attendance Office for the student to pick up at the end of the day.
      • RESPECT: All adults are to be heeded.  Keep hands off other people and any item that doesn’t belong to you.  Do NOT run, shout or swear in the hallways and classrooms.  WALK on the right hand side of the hallways and keep moving.  Get to class on time!  BE SURE to ask for a pass if you are going to be late to a class.  SCHOOL IS EACH STUDENT’S JOB:  the classroom is the most important place to be.  Choose wisely!
    • ASK for help! We can’t fix what we don’t know about!
    • Boxtops For Education. PE collects the points.  We still collect the cardboard tags from boxes, but they are moving to an electronic format where you’ll just enter information.  Follow this link and get the app now!https://www.boxtops4education.com/?utm_source=Email_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=BTFE_08_06_2019&vcode=AQAAAAEBAQEBAQEBAQEBAQEBAQEBS9tcQh7A7C0A1q7I4P17kvrk9Um-eDt0EHcxuf_5l_4hhSINRjnXJrsxMZomdI5hh5BqDUGtQra4bolBC8PIaQ==


Electronics & Backpacks

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Cell Phone Policy

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Picture Day

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Bell Schedule Final

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