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  • Sunday, February 17, 2019

    Good afternoon North families.


    Just a reminder that ALL STUDENTS MUST GET THEIR BREAKFAST WHEN THEY WALK THROUGH THE CAFETERIA BEFORE CLASSES BEGIN.  Cafeteria staff will only give students a breakfast after 1st period starts if they have a pass from the Attendance Window.

    Another reminder, items NOT ALLOWED in the hallways:  cell phones, hats, fast-food cups, open food, skateboards, sports equipment, ear buds/headphones, toys, blankets.  The students know the rules and items will be confiscated.  Multiple offences will result in items being released ONLY to parents/guardians.

     PLEASE do not park by the dumpsters in back!

    Monday, February 18

    • Boys’ Bball A, see Coach for times.

     Tuesday, February 19:

    • Before school: Bball A, 6:30 – 8:00; A Capella Choir; Dodgeball; Leadership
    • After-school: Homework Club; Math Tutoring Rm. 230; Writing Center; Play rehearsal; Bball B, 4-6pm

     Wednesday, February 20:

    • Tickets for Neon Glow Dance available ONLY during lunches. $2 entry only; $5 entry + food.
    • Before school: Bball A, 6:30 – 8:30; Yearbook
    • Lunches: Battle of the Books
    • After-school: Boys’ Enrichment; Debate Club; Chess Club; Young Artists Club; Play rehearsal; Dance Club; Bike Club; Bball B, 4-6pm

     Thursday, February 21: 

    • Tickets for Neon Glow Dance available ONLY during lunches. $2 entry only; $5 entry + food.
    • Boys’ Bball HOME vs. Galileo
    • Before school: A Capella Choir; Dodgeball
    • After-school: Writing Center; Homework Club; Play rehearsal


    Friday, February 22:

    • Tickets for Neon Glow Dance available during lunches ONLY – NOT available at the door! $2 entry only; $5 entry + food.
    • Boys’ B Squad Tournament Semi-finals.
    • PANTRY open 2-4:30pm
    • NEON GLOW DANCE 4-5:30. NO TICKETS AT THE DOOR.  Standard dress code is in effect, and studentsmust exit the school and then re-enter the cafeteria with their tickets AND their stuff - NO LOCKER ACCESS AFTER 4:00!  Students MUST have rides by 5:30pm.
    • Before school: Bball B, 6:30 – 8:30; Anime Club
    • After-school: Play rehearsal; Bball A, 4-6pm

     Saturday, February 23: it’s a busy day this week!

    • Boys’ B Squad Tournament Finals.
    • Pikes Peak Regional Science Fair at UCCS.
    • Pikes Peak Regional History Day at CC.
    • Color Guard 11:30am – 1:00pm
    • Drum line 1:00-2:30pm




    • Did you know that fines for parking in Handicapped spaces begin at $250? Many of our families who NEED those spots are being blocked by persons with the “it’ll just be for a quick minute” mindset.  Your actions do hurt others.  Please stay out of the handicapped spaces!
    • Check out the Stargazer Theater on February 24 for the 6th Annual Multicultural and Black History Program. Little G, one of the featured performers, is a North Viking!  See the attached flyer for more information!
    • Please mark your calendars for the Vision/Hearing Screenings:  March 18 & 19, 2019 (Mon. & Tues. There has been a change to who gets screened.  In middle school, it is now 7th graders, those new to the district, and Sped students.  (Eighth graders will be screened in 9th grade).  We are now following the state recommendations of screening every other year from 3rd to 9th  If you have a couple of hours to help us on one or both of these days, please contact Latoya Severa at latoya.severa@d11.org.  We provide lunch!
    • Academy Vision and Dental is holding a FREE dental clinic for children with no insurance the week of February 25 – March 3.  Parents/guardians need to call 719-304-5400 to make an appointment.  See the attached flyers.
    • Still looking for donations of Landscaping cloth\anchors and Cedar Mulch (https://www.ccsand.com/sand-soils-mulch). Donations may simply be placed outside the Attendance Office Windows, and Mr. Sanders will take it from there. Questions? Call him at 328-2433.
    • Check your batteries and make sure your cars are ready to go! Our newest club – Remote Controlled Car Clubwill begin in March, meeting the cafeteria Tuesdays after school.  See Mr. Graney for more information!


Multicultural Black History Program

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Free Dental Care

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Free Dental Care Spanish

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