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  • Sunday, December 15, 2019

    Good afternoon.  The Giving Tree is up in the Registration Office, covered in tags and we need to get tags traded out for gifts ASAP!  Each tag is for a child from a NMS family.  Help us make sure every child gets a gift!  Our Holiday Food Drive will be this week and we will take everything - especially HAMS.

    PARENTS/GUARDIANS, LOST & FOUND will be emptied on December 19.  There are a LOT of items – especially coats.  Please stop in before then to see if anything belongs to your family!

    If your student received an application for the “Colorado Youth Citizenship Award” the deadline is Dec. 20, this is a very exciting opportunity!  If you have any questions please ask Ms. Gio in Counseling. 

    Finally, North & Viking days are now indicated on both this weekly update AND on the North website calendar.


    Monday, December 16 (North)– FOOD AND GIFT COLLECTION

    • Before school:
    • After-school: Duke Parent/Guardian Math, Rm. 139; Making It! Club; Orchestra Club; BOYS’ BBALL OPEN GYM, 3:50-5:45pm.


    Tuesday, December 17 (Viking) – FOOD AND GIFT COLLECTION

    • Orchestra Holiday Concert, 6:00pm
    • Before school: Leadership; Dodgeball
    • After-school: Climbing Club; Homework Club; Math tutoring, Rm. 230; Public Achievement; BOYS’ BBALL OPEN GYM, 3:50-5:45pm; GIRLS’ BBALL BANQUET, 4-5pm


    Wednesday, December 18 (North) – FOOD AND GIFT COLLECTION

    • 6th Band Holiday Concert, 6:00pm
    • Before school: NJHS
    • After-school: Math Tutoring, Rm. 238Craft Club; Forensics; PLAY PRACTICE to 5:30; Young Artists, BOYS’ BBALL OPEN GYM, 3:50-5:45pm.


    Thursday, December 19 (Viking) – FOOD AND GIFT COLLECTION

    • UGLY SWEATER DAY AND CONTEST! You may also wear a holiday hat or headband.  $1 in the cafeteria before school for wristbands.  AWARDS will be given for the UGLIEST sweater in each grade AND among the staff!
    • Before school: Yearbook, Dodgeball
    • After school: Climbing Club; Homework Club; Pride ClubBOYS’ BBALL OPEN GYM, 3:50-5:45pm.


    Friday December 20 (North) – FOOD AND GIFT COLLECTION

    • SANTA HAT DAY, wristbands $1 in cafeteria before school
    • Before school: Anime Club
    • After-school: PLAY PRACTICE to 5:30; BOYS’ BBALL OPEN GYM, 3:50-5:45pm.


    Saturday December 21

    • Holiday Basket & Gift pick-up 11:30am – 1:00pm.



    • Holiday concerts continue this week. As Band and Orchestra are PERFORMANCE CLASSES, attendance is mandatory and is a SIGNIFICANT part of the class grade. Students also: 1) need to be here early, 2) may not leave before the concert has ended, and 3) do have a performance dress code.  Check with your student’s music teacher to get specifics.
    • FREE LAUNDRY FACILITIES! Contact Mr. Weickum or Mrs. Eggleston to use the North laundry room (we have detergent for you) OR to arrange a drop off and we’ll have it clean for you by the end of the day!
    • Christmas is quickly approaching, and we need to fill OVER 80 BASKETS and provide presents, too. FOR FOOD DONATIONS Leadership students will again be out by the North Drug Free sign to collect food December16 - 20, but feel free to drop items off before that.  We always need turkeys and hams, so keep us in mind when the sales hit.  Cash helps Mrs. Eggleston fill in missing items. FOR GIFTSthe North Cares Family Tree is in the Registrar Office.  Come grab a request or two!
    • Just ONE WEEK to the end of the semester – if your student will be LEAVING EARLY &/OR RETURNING LATE from Winter Break, be sure to let the Attendance Office know NOW! December 20 is the END OF THE SEMESTER and all tests and projects need to be completed and turned in before your child leaves.
    • BOYS’ BASKETBALL! Open Gym will be held from 3:50– 5:45pm Dec. 16 – 20.  TRY-OUTS WILL BE JANUARY 8, 9 & 10.  Student athletes MUST HAVE a current sports physical on file, and turn a new blue card in before they will be allowed into the gym for try-outs.  PLAN NOW – get things taken care of over Winter Break!  Call the office to check sports physical status.
    • HOMEWORK CENTRAL IS COMING TO MORNINGS! When we return in January Mrs. Anthony and Ms. Eberhart will take students EACH morning from 7:30 – 8:15am.  Students need to sign up ahead of time so they will be let in the building at the front doors.  MONDAYS they will help kids with binders, organization and study skills.  TUESDAY and THURSDAY they will focus on current homework and computer classwork (Achieve, V-Math, Prodigy, etc.).  WEDNESDAYS the focus will be on reading and FRIDAYS will be a variety of things as long as all work for the week is done.  Attached is the permission/sign-up letter. 
    • SAC MEETINGS ARE MOVING: The 5:00 evening time is not working, so BEGINNING THURSDAY SAC meetings will be held in Mr. Kilroy’s office at 9:00am.
    • Cell phone rule reminder: The 3rd time a student has their cellphone, the phone will be held for an adult to pick up.  Phones will not be given to students.  The parent/guardian can assign another ADULT to pick up the phone – just let us know who to expect. 
    • YMCA: FREE after school programs, and we even provide a bus from North to the YMCA.  You MUST call 329-7284 to sign up for the after-school program.
    • ‘Tis the season for flu and noroviruses. Flu (infuenza) is a serious respiratory illness typified by high fevers, sore throat, muscle aches and coughing.  Noroviruses target the intestinal tract and in addition to vomiting and diarrhea may include fevers and muscle aches.  THE BEST PREVENTION FOR BOTH IS VIGILANT HYGIENE.  Attached are several flyers on protecting yourself and others.  Wash hands, cover sneezes and coughs and stay home until symptoms have been gone for a solid 24 hours, please!

Christmas Food Drive

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North Family Tree

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Hand Washing-Dr. Will

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Hand Washing - CDC

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Morning Homework Club

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YMCA Program

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