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  • Sunday, October 20, 2019

    Good afternoon. 

    The Conference Scheduler closes at midnight on Monday. The password is “North” and is not case sensitive. You will see the schedules of all selected teachers at the same time in order to easily coordinate the 10-minute slots. You do NOT have to see each teacher; just choose the ones for whom you have a question or two.  ANYONE who still needs to schedule their appointments can call the office (328-2400) for assistance through noon on Wednesday, October 23.  AFTER THAT POINT SCHEDULING IS CLOSED.  You will be welcome to check teachers’ conferences schedules after 4:00pm on the 23rd to see if there are any open slots.  Schedules will be posted outside the conference areas.

     Monday, October 21 Red Ribbon Week: Decades Day.  Dress up for the 50’s and 60’s.  “Years may pass but your lungs won’t last.”

    • Scheduler is open THROUGH MIDNIGHT ONLY.
    • Girls’ Bball PARENT MEETING 5:45pm
    • Before school:
    • After-school: Making It! Club; Wrestling; Girls’ Bball A&B

     Tuesday, October 22 Red Ribbon Week: Besties Day.  Dress alike with your besties - “Friends don’t let friends do drugs.”

    • 7th & 8th Band Concert, 6:00pm. Students are required to attend.
    • Before school: Dodgeball; Leadership
    • After-school: Homework Club; Math tutoring, Rm. 230; Public Achievement; Girls’ Bball A&B; WRESTLING AT SWIGERT vs. Swigert & West

     Wednesday, October 23 Red Ribbon Week Sports Day.  Wear a sports jersey and cap of your fav teams.  “Be part of a winning team – drug and tobacco free!”

    • Science Fair: Graphs, tables and Data Analysis in final form DUE
    • CONFERENCES 4:00 – 8:00pm
    • Before school: Girls Bball A&B, 7:00am; NJHS
    • After-school: North Boys

     Thursday, October 24

    • Girls’ Bball A&B, 7:00am
    • CONFERENCES 7:00am to 7:00pm

     Friday October 25

    • 6th grade Science Fair projects with growing plants should be finished.

     Saturday, October 26

    • Climbing Club at 3:00pm.


                Cross Country D11 MS Classic

    • North’s Cross Country team placed 1st overall for D11 middle schools!
    • Top finishers:
      • 8th girls: Adrianna Lopez, 1st
      • 7th girls: Jaiden David, 1st; Paige Garrett, 2nd; Hazel Ryder, 3rd.
      • 8th boys: Alex Herrera, 1st; Noah Santisteven, 3rd.
      • 7th boys: Caden Moore, 1st; Zen Groves, 2nd.



    • IS YOUR STUDENT INTERESTED IN ORCHESTRA CLUB? Students from Palmer HS are offering to work with interested North orchestra students after school.  There will be another information meeting Wednesday, October 23 in the cafeteria.  Students who can’t stay should stop by to let the coordinators know what they would like to see provided and which day works best for them.
    • CALLING ALL NORTH FAMILIES! We provide dinner and snacks for our teachers and staff on the first night of Conferences, Wednesday, October 23. They don’t have time to leave between the end of classes and the start of meetings, so please consider bringing by something to snack on or eat at dinner time.  Sandwiches, chips, casseroles - anything will be great for our staff and very much appreciated. You may drop items off any time Wednesday at the front desk or send them in with your child. THANK YOU!
    • RED RIBBON WEEK focuses on drug and tobacco safety. Each day there is a dress-up activity and slogan, and the best theme-dressed student – one guy, one girl – will receive a prize at lunchtime. Take some time to discuss drugs and tobacco use with your student(s)!
      • CARDBOARD: About 18” X 24” - that can be painted upon for individual projects.
      • Old oven liners are fantastic too.
      • BLENDER or two – to keep, for making paper.
      • SHREDDED PAPER – it is the BEST for paper maché!
      • Furniture pieces and scrap wood. My period 8 is making a sort of Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) We are working on a display for the FAC. We have the legs and support structure, but could really use an old wooden vanity, or some cabinet that size, with opening doors and little shelves, ideally.
      • One of my students, Paradise, is making flowers out of the bottoms of plastic bottles. The school bottles are ok, but we really like the taller, heartier bottles (2 L).
    • FREE LAUNDRY FACILITIES! Contact Mr. Weickum or Mrs. Eggleston to use the North laundry room (we have detergent for you) OR to arrange a drop off and we’ll have it clean for you by the end of the day!


    • CLIMBING CLUB IS BACK! We generally meet Tuesdays and Thursdays at Pure Bouldering, 1401 S 8th, from 4:30 – 5:30pm. HOWEVER, Mr. Sevits’ schedule is weird through October.  Check with Mr. Sevits  for correct days and times. The entry fee is covered, but if students want climbing shoes, they will need to either bring their own or have money for rental.  PARENTS are responsible for transportation and must sign Pure Bouldering’s waivers. STUDENTS MUST BE PICKED UP BY 5:30!
    • 8TH GRADE FAMILIES! The transition to high school will shift to high gear second semester, but news will begin coming out soon.  Info soon for an Honors/IB information night at Palmer and Coronado’s Pre-AP Information Night, both in November.
    • BOYS’ Basketball Open Gym times will be in December, try-outs in January.

Palmer Shadowing for 8th Grade

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Conferences - Spanish

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Marijuana and Your Child

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Laundry Facilities

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Butter Braids

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