• Gifted & Talented Mrs. Wriedt

    At Steele Elementary, programming for gifted students matches their unique characterisitics and abilities.

    Services & Opportunities for Gifted and Talented students

    • Development, collaboration and progress monitoring of advanced learning plans for all identified gifted and talented students.
    • Communication with classroom teachers and parents regarding student's academic and affective goals.
    • Gifted and talented pull-out model in ELA and math for project-based learning.
    • STEM/STEAM experiences implemented on a regular basis with Gifted Resource Teacher.
    • Visit from GiftedEducation.com team. Delivery of differentiated STEM activity for all children grades 3-5.
    • "Genius Hour" implementation grades 3-5.
    • Annual Biography Wax Museum.
    • Trip to Challenger Learning Center (Mission to Mars)
    • ALEKS online math program for all Tier 2 & Tier 3 students.
    • Curriculum Compacting in math grades 3-5
    • Literacy focus groups for Tier 2 & Tier 3 gifted students focusing on critical thinking, Depth and Complexity, Socratic Seminars, creativiity, inquiry-based learning, and individualized projects.