• Sabin is infused with technology.  We have five computer labs, 6 class sets of laptop carts, and all students and teachers have iPads, making us a 1:1 school.  We are very fortunate to have received the Verizon Innovative Learning Grant in 2016, making it possible.  

    Our learning management system is Schoology, creating a Sabin community in the cloud. This is where assignments are posted, turned-in, and often graded as well as where students take class assessments, complete bell work, and view announcements.  This platform enables us to use technology to further personalize learning and work towards our vision of Next Generation Learning.  

    It is an expectation that all students will have an iPad in order to participate and fully engage in the learning at Sabin.  It is a required tool that students are expected to use and bring to class every day, just like a pencil.




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