• Admissions Requirements

    The Career Pathways Automotive Technology Program is excited to accept new enrollees into the program. All admission requirements are listed in the Career Pathways Course Guide.  To enroll in the Career Pathways “Transportation” (Automotive) program, students should visit with their home high school counselor to sign up for classes. All classes are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are no prerequisites for entry into the Automotive Tech 1 elective course. The prerequisites to enter the two year Career Pathways Vocational Tech Auto Tech 1/2 Maintenance and Light Repair (MLR) Automotive program are: a) student must complete the Career Pathways Automotive Tech 1 & 2 courses; b) submission of an Automotive Vocational Tech Candidate Application; and c) instructor approval.


    There are currently no student costs or fees associated with Career Pathways courses.