• Tardy Policy


    TARDIES – The time between periods are often a problem for middle school students who prefer to socialize rather than move on to their next class. Students are given four minutes between periods and they are expected to get to classes on time. We suggest to students who need to use the rest rooms to go to their next class first and get a pass from that teacher so that they do not get marked tardy.

    Tardies are tracked each quarter, and multiple tardies will be cause for intervention and consequences. Students with multiple tardies will be referred to the grade-level Response-to-Intervention (RtI) team for data analysis and intervention. Interventions may include parent conferences and/or loss of standard passing periods. Excessive tardies may also prompt an attendance contract.


    Teacher Interventions

    1st tardy                teacher warning

    2nd tardy               parent call (by teacher)

    3rd tardy               teacher assigned detention (15 min)

    4th tardy               teacher assigned detention (30 min)


    Administrator Interventions

    5th tardy               45 minute detention

    6th tardy               90 min detention

    7th tardy               ½ day ISA

    8th tardy               full day ISA


    9th tardy  results in another day in ISA and so on…


    Students start each quarter with a clean slate.