Vision Statement
    By utilizing a standards based, data driven, comprehensive counseling program (as defined by the American School Counselor Association, or ASCA), Early College High School’s Counseling Program facilitates a culture of educational excellence in which every student will be academically prepared to be a lifelong learner and a productive citizen.
    Mission Statement
    In order to become successful, productive contributors to society, Early College High School’s ASCA Standards based Counseling Program collaborates with all stakeholders (students, parents, faculty, and the community), to ensure that all students, regardless of individual differences, acquire the academic, career and personal/emotional competencies needed to access post-secondary options and opportunities upon graduation.

    Katrina Everette

    Odyssey ECCO Counselor
     responsible for all students M-Z

    Phone: 719-328-2058
    Email: katrina.everette@d11.org


    Joy Griffin

    Odyssey ECCO Counselor

    Phone: 719-328-2053
    Email: joy.griffin@d11.org

    Kelsey Johnson
    Odyssey ECCO Counselor
    responsible for all students A-L

    Phone: 719-328-2097
    Email: kelsey.johnson@d11.org

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