• Determination                    Optimism

                       Empathy                      Integrity

    Confidence              Resourcefulness                    

                 Courage                         Leadership

  • All students and staff at Sabin are part of a Trait Team – a team that embodies one of the following characteristics:  Integrity, Optimism, Resourcefulness, Confidence, Determination, Empathy, Leadership, and Courage.  Throughout the year, students will participate in activities and learn lessons that focus on these traits.  There will be some friendly competition as teams can earn points for academic performance, attendance, and behavior each quarter.  They will also earn points by competing in various games through Advisory time, attending school events, and earning contributions of excellence for going above and beyond.  Top teams will receive small rewards throughout the year and at the end of the year, the Trait team with the most points will be awarded Sabin’s Trait Team Trophy!


march trait teams