• District 11 recently announced that approved clubs and activities can meet IN-PERSON starting March 2, 2021, and we will continue to offer a variety of virtual clubs, too.  Our sports season is well on its way, and we will continue to offer athletes opportunities to play and compete. This variance allows sponsors and coaches to meet with students in-person given that they have had the COVID-related training and all students have completed required forms on file.  Students and sponsors would then be able to meet in person, given that they all pass the health screening and are not at all ill.   

    All required forms, like the in-person waiver, must be completed and turned in before students are allowed to meet in-person.  The principal will make the final decision on whether or not activities and clubs will meet.  These forms can be found in the documents portion of the activities page.  In order to streamline the process, you are able to submit scanned and signed forms to our school email at glenn.hawthorne@d11.org.  Please submit all forms electronically if at all possible, but you are able to drop them by the school if you cannot send them electronically. Please do this as soon as possible as students will not be able to be in in-person activities until we have all of those forms on file.

    Please know that things could change, but we are cautiously optimistic in offering extracurricular opportunities for our students as the school year progresses.  Thank you for your support!

    Activities Student Waiver Form

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    We have a variety of clubs at Sabin, so get INVOLVED!


    • Drama Club
    • Show Choir
    • Jazz Band
    • BARK Squad---Student Council and PBIS
    • NJHS National Junior Honor Society
    • Minecraft Club
    • MESA (Math, Engineering, Science, Association)
    • Science Olympiad
    • Yearbook
    • BOB--Battle of the Books
    • Rubik's Cube Club
    • Comic Book and Anime
marble track