• Office - (719) 328-6000
    Voice Mail - (719) 328-6099
    Attendance - (719) 328-6035
    Fax - (719) 260-8816


    Tammy Krueger Principal 328-6002
    Tasha Jacobs Administrative Assistant 328-6010
    Pattie Gonzalez Staff Secretary 328-6011
    Robert Beckham Preschool 328-7961
    Kathy McNelly Preschool 328-6036
    Pohchan Lahmers Educational Assistant  
    Katelin Moss Educational Assistant  
    Mindy Abbott Kindergarten 328-3586
    Rachel Raboin Kindergarten 328-3373
    Chrystie Augelli Kinder Aide  
    Amber Bolinger Kinder Aide  
    Mariah Alabduljalil First Grade 328-7855
    Maureen Becker First Grade 328-5680
    Jennifer Bales

    Second Grade

    Karli Decker Second Grade 328-6062
    Jenn DeVito Third Grade 328-7690
    Kayla Spruill Third Grade 328-7442
    Tina Dollase Fourth Grade 328-6045
    Sean Dillon Fourth Grade 328-5651
    Carol Olson Fifth Grade 328-6051
    Ron Garcia Fifth Grade 328-6041
    Jason Poole Physical Education 328-6025
    Heather Cross Art 328-5891
    Megan Liske Music 328-5979
    Cheryl Witzman Nurse  
    Victoria Ramos Health Technician 328-5987
    Beth Stebbins ELL 328-4792
    Karen Bryant Educational Assistant  
    Candice Upham Speech Pathologist (SLP)  
    Rachel Caruso Speech Assistant  
    Alyssa Harms Special Education 328-4259
    Tiresa Lytle  Special Education 328-6049
    Beth Allen Special Education Social Worker 328-6169
    Greg Davis School Counselor 328-6016
    Sarah Houger Physical Therapist  
    Paula Keller Occupational Therapist 520-2511
    Grace Herrera Gifted & Talented 328-6048
    Ashli Willis Teacher Learning Coach 328-6055
    Carol Nuss Tutor  
    Anne Donnelly Tutor  
    Lori Duffy Tutor  
    Terri Snapp Interventionist 328-2855
    Tracy Mayberry Library Technology Educator    328-6024
    Jared Levis District Support Technician 520-2339
    Roberto Ramos Building Manager 328-6033
    Yoel Hernandez-Gonzalez Building Technician  
    Tammi Paul Kitchen Manager 328-6032
      Asst. Kitchen Manager  
    Denise Hironymous Educational Assistant  
    Kelsie Marco Educational Assistant  
    Odette Stroh Educational Assistant  
      Educational Assistant  
    Angie Marteniz   Before and After School Liaison cell (719)649-6427


    All staff members have emails.  In most cases it is there firstname.lastname@d11.org. To call staff from a non-district phone, you must add the area code of 719.