Terrors Together - Intervention Team

Intervention Staff

  • Bridget Donovan
    Study Skills Teacher

    Susan Dorle
    Math Tutoring Center Coordinator

    Martha Noble Higgins
    Intervention Coordinator 

    Paul Hartman
    Math Tutoring Center Coordinator

    Michaela Logan
    Study Skills Teacher

    Blaine Miller
    Study Skills Lead Teacher

    Gwen Parence
    Read 180 & Gradpoint Teacher

    Nicole Ridenour
    Study Skills and Data Assistant

    Lisa Scott
    ISS and Study Skills Support

    Janelle Sweet



  • Need help with MATH? 

    Room 249 is open 7 periods a day and after school on Monday and Wednesday from 3:10 to 4:10.

    Need help with ENGLISH?

    After school Wednesday in Room 242 or Request a Tutor Online.

    Need help with SCIENCE?

    Science tutoring is offered during Study Skills classes.

    No Study Skills? Request a Tutor Now.

  • Mission Statement

    To help you reach your goals, to encourage your independent learning, and to increase your confidence by offering the specific help you need when you need it.  We are here as your advocates and to support your efforts.

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    Palmer's Intervention Team is committed to helping every student at Palmer be successful on the path to graduation. Our focus is on prevention and preparation, so we offer study skills classes for freshmen. These classes taught by certified teachers give students the skills to be successful, goal-oriented learners as well as the opportunity to get help in our tutoring centers. Our tutors are teachers, community volunteers, and students. We are proud of the recognition we receive for the success of our tutoring centers and the difference we are making for our students.

Mission statement
  • Tutoring Center Sign

    Do you need help getting organized?

    Do you need a school recovery plan?

    Do you need a drink of water and a listening ear?

    Would you like to be a tutor?

     If so, please see Mrs. Higgins in Room 249A.