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    North's Mission Statement
    North Middle School students will be productive and successful citizens. We hold our students to high standards so that they will set goals, think for themselves, problem-solve and take responsibility for their own learning. We will fulfill our collective responsibility to reach and teach all students by building a collaborative and professional climate.

    At North, our long history and tradition of providing a high quality educational experience for our students continues today within our classrooms and school community. With the continued implementation of our International Baccalaureate Programme school-wide, ALL of our students continue to receive an education which encourages them to create a better understanding of how their lives and the lives of those around them interact, engage with, and impact each other.  
    Our North Mission provides our students with:
    ·         High academic and behavioral/character expectations
    ·         A well-rounded educational experience
    ·         A high quality professional team
    ·         Parent/guardian and community involvement
    ·         A results driven culture that focuses on continuous improvement
    Our professional staff also imbeds technology throughout the student’s learning experiences so that our students can learn how technology can be utilized for communication, research, problem-solving and information gathering.
    Through the involvement and support of our Parent Teacher Association, School Accountability Committee, our volunteers, and our community based partnerships; we work collectively to increase the overall academic growth and social development of each student within our learning environment and our North community. 
    Please feel free to contact us at 719-328-2400 to set up a school visit or to find out how you can become a more involved partner in the success of our students at North.
    Chris Kilroy
    North Middle School Vikings-Principal