Homebound Instruction Program

  • Dear District 11 Parents and Guardians:

    The homebound Instruction Program offers tutoring for your child while he/she is out of school due to temporary illness, injury or other medical issues which prevent your child from attending school for a period of time longer than ten consecutive school days or intermittent absences totaling more than 10 full days.

    Homebound Instruction is a program designed to provide temporary, short-term services to students deemed unable to attend school due to illness.  Homebound instruction is not intended to replace the student’s normal curriculum or school placement.

    ▪ Per District Policy IHBF and IHBF-R:

    A student under homebound or hospital instruction can only continue his/her core classes for credit during homebound or hospital instruction.

    For elementary school students – A maximum of three hours per week in core subject     areas

    For secondary school students -- A maximum of five hours per week in core subject areas

    ▪ Elective classes are not supported on Homebound.

    ▪ Students who can attend school part-time do not qualify under this program.

    An additional option to consider if your child is at the middle or high school level, and will be out of school for a semester or more, would be District 11’s Achieve Online Program.  This is an online program that offers a full curriculum, including electives.  The student has access to learning 24/7, and has the additional advantage of working directly with Achieve Online teachers via phone, email, and virtual engagement during school hours.  Please call the Achieve Online office if you would like further information at 328-3095.

    If you choose traditional tutoring, please schedule a meeting with your child’s counselor. 

    • Parents and Guardians, please fill out the top portion, print your name, and make sure you sign in the space provided. 
    • Your child’s physician must fill out the center portion of the application.  Please note that ONLY a PHYSICIAN’S signature is valid – District 11 does not accept signatures from physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, midwives, or psychologists.  The physician MUST be licensed in the State of Colorado.  The physician MUST list a return-to-school date, even if that date is estimated.  

     If the physician later determines that your child can return to school sooner than originally indicated OR that the child needs an extension of time out of school, the physician must fax us a note indicating the updated determination for the child, the new return-to-school date, and his/her signature.  The note can be faxed to 719-328-3071, attention Homebound Office. 

    • Once you’ve filled out your portion and have had your physician complete the middle portion, please submit the application to the Homebound Instruction office.  The fax numbers and address are listed near the top, center.  If you leave it with your doctor to fill out, please check back and make sure they’ve faxed it to the Homebound Instruction office as soon as possible. 
    • Please note that the application must be submitted for each semester that the student will need to be out of school, even if the doctor has indicated his/her approval for the entire school year.

     Tutoring is typically scheduled at the student’s home.  An adult must be in the home whenever homebound tutoring sessions are scheduled.  If that is not possible, then the tutoring will need to be scheduled at a library or possibly at the nearest District 11 school building. 

    If you have questions about the application, please feel free to contact the Homebound Instruction Office.   We are located at the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus.  The phone number is 328-3077, Monday through Friday, 8:00 – 12:00. 

    We look forward to working with you will do our best to connect you and your child with a tutor who will help your child throughout the time he or she must be out of school.