• Next Meeting: October 13, 2020

    Palmer Parents and Community Members,
    Do you ever wonder what things influence the way teachers do their work in the classrooms? Do you want to know how Palmer achieves its academic standing? Do you wonder what the school is doing to increase test scores? Do you want to know what the school does to help students who are struggling?  Do you ever wonder how you can be a part of the solution? The Palmer School Accountability Committee (SAC) is the answer to your questions.
    The SAC is a group of volunteers made up of parents, students, teachers, staff, alumni and community members. In a nut shell, our purpose is to support and enhance the education, safety, and learning environment at Palmer High School. Our main task is to review and endorse the annual Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) and to work together to achieve the goals within that plan. We also evaluate and support the school’s efforts and strategies for improving literacy and student achievement.
    The School Accountability Committee is the place where you can learn about and influence the way the academic programs work at Palmer High School. It is a way for you to support the students and promote Palmer in the community.  It is a way for you to contribute to your school and to your student’s success. 
    SAC meetings are held at 7:00 am on the 3rd Tuesday of each month in the Palmer Community Room.  All parents are welcome and I cordially invite you to attend any of our meetings.
    To serve on this committee or for further information, you can contact:
    Amy Petersen-Weddle - Principal's Secretary (719.328.5042) amy.petersenweddle@d11.org
    Deirdre Aden-Smith - SAC Chairperson  deirdre@theequitygroup.net

SAC Supporting Documents