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Transportation Eligibility

The District's transportation program is designed to transport students who live an unreasonable walking distance from their attendance area boundary assigned school, to school and back in a safe, reliable, efficient and effective manner.

Only those students who are authorized transportation services will be permitted to board and ride the bus.  Principals, other administrators and teachers designated by the principal to assist with student management will be allowed to ride the bus.  Parents are not authorized to board the bus or ride as a passenger unless they are approved chaperons for field trips or have prior approval from the school principal and the Director of Transportation.

The District furnishes transportation to all students to their assigned school in accordance with the transportation attendance area boundaries established by the Board of Education.  The established non-transported areas generally fall into the following radii from schools:

Elementary - 1 mile
Middle - 1.5 miles
High School - 2.0 miles

Information on school attendance areas, transportation eligibility and busing information can be accessed for individual home addresses at this link: Bus Stop Information

Choice Enrolled / Transfer Students

The District does not provide transportation services for students granted permission to attend school outside their attendance area (permit students). Transportation is the responsibility of the parent.  Choice enrolled / transfer students may apply for Space Available Transportation services.  Exceptions to this policy can be found at this link:  GMP/DLIP/BV & Purple Star Transportation

Homeless Students
Students considered homeless under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act will be evaluated for transportation eligibility by the District homeless liaison or his/her designee.

Route Design and Changes
Routes will be continuously evaluated during the school year to ensure safety and optimization of efficiency.  As such, some routes may be redesigned or combined during the school year. 
Drivers are not allowed to make changes to routes or receiving and discharging points.  In cases where road conditions require an immediate decision, and such changes are absolutely required, drivers shall contact the Dispatcher for approval.  When such conditions prevail, the safety of the students is to be the governing factor.  Drivers should report such conditions to the transportation supervisor as soon as possible.

School Bus Route Times
Stop times are the time of departure from the stop.  Students should be at the stop at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.
Departure times from schools will be published and adhered to.  Students should be on the bus at least 1 minute prior to departure and should not loiter outside the bus, waiting for the departure time.  If buses depart on time, they will not be called back to the school for students who miss the bus.  Once the driver has closed the door and the buses start to move, they will not stop to allow students to board.  Students should not run after the bus as it departs.  Route times for delivering students are approximate arrival times at bus stops.