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Charter Bus Contacts

Using a District 11 school bus for a field trip is the preferred option as it is considerably less cost.  If there is not a District 11 bus available, below are additional options.  It is the school's responsibility to contact and coordinate field trips through these companies and bear the cost.  It is recommended to plan at least 45 days ahead of a scheduled trip in order to use these options as a backup should there be no District 11 bus available for your trip.


Phone:  719.633.1181


Fax:       719.633.9643

Colorado Grayline

Ramblin Express:

Phone: 719.590.8687, ext. 3

Fax:     719.589.7820


Arrow Stage Lines:

Phone: 800.497.6060



Ace Express Coaches:

Phone:  303.421.2780

First Charter: