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Bus Rules for Special Needs

TRANSPORTATION PROCEDURES AND SAFETY RULES (SPECIAL NEEDS)   Transportation Planning   Transportation Plan.  As part of the Individual Education Plan (IEP), a Transportation Plan for eligible students will be developed.  The Transportation Department will use the information provided in the IEP to determine personnel, vehicle, routing and scheduling assignments.  All information will be handled confidentially in accordance with the Family Educational Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA).  If the information provided during initial placement changes, contact the school and the Transportation Department immediately at 520-2945.  Changes in placement, address or names of individuals you designate for delivery of your child at the end of the school day must be submitted to District 11 Transportation by calling 520-2945.  Allow 3-5 workdays for processing changes.   Routing and Scheduling.  Transportation scheduling is done on an individual basis.  Without an IEP and Special Needs staff authorization, transportation services cannot be started.  Routing and scheduling a student with special needs is complex and flexibility is essential.  Daily changes in special needs transportation are the norm.  The most efficient and economical route, which effectively meets the needs of the student, with the assets available to the District, will be selected.  The Transportation Department will contact you on route assignments, pick-up and delivery times and address for pick-up and delivery.  Additional student assignments may change routing and scheduling times for your child throughout the school year.  When this occurs, you will be notified of the change prior to implementation.   Pick-up and Drop-off Procedures   Pick-up and Drop-off.  Transportation service for special needs students is curb-to-curb.  Pick-up locations will be designated based on safety and the capabilities of the bus.  Parents or guardians shall escort their student to and from the bus as necessary.  Access to the boarding area must be kept free of ice and snow by the parent or guardian.  During periods of adverse weather, if a child cannot be safely picked up, other arrangements may be required for a safe pick-up and drop-off area for the student.   Boarding Time.  Students shall be ready to board the bus five (5) minutes ahead of the scheduled pick-up time.  If your student is not ready to board when the bus arrives, the driver is authorized to wait for one (1) minute after the scheduled pick-up time and then depart to continue the route.  The bus horn will not be sounded and drivers will not leave the bus to check on the status of the child.  If the driver does not arrive at the pick-up location within five (5) minutes after the scheduled time, parents or guardians should contact the Transportation Department at 520-2945.  Once the bus has departed the pick-up location, it will not return for a late pick-up.   Parent / Guardian / Designated Individual to Meet the Bus.  Students will be discharged from the bus according to the procedures established at the IEP meeting.  Drivers will wait until the student is safely inside the residence before departing.  If your child requires assistance to the bus for pick-up, you must insure that assistance is available at the drop-off location.  Drivers are not permitted to leave the bus or enter the residence of a student.  If your student requires assistance and no one is home when the bus arrives, the Transportation Department will attempt to contact your emergency phone number or the individual you have authorized in writing to accept responsibility for your child.  In your absence or the absence of the designated individual, your child may be released to a responsible person who comes out of your residence and returns to your residence with the student.  Notification to the Transportation Department shall be made 24 hours in advance of any change in a designated individual.  In the event that the Transportation Department is unable to contact the parent/guardian or others who have been authorized to receive the child, the following process will be put in place:  

  1. The bus will continue on route with the student on board.
  2. The Transportation dispatch office will call the parent or assigned adults listed as contacts to let them know where and when they can meet the bus, which normally will be at the next school served or at an agreed upon bus stop along the path of the bus route.
  3. In the event there is no answer, dispatch staff will continue to call in order to do their best to reach the designated contacts.
  4. If the designated contacts do not respond, the student will remain on the bus as it returns to the bus parking lot located at 5240 Geiger Boulevard, Colorado Springs, CO 80915.  The dispatch office number is (719) 520-2943. 

  If the student is not picked up by a designated contact by 5:30 PM, the student will be turned over to the Colorado Springs Police Department for safety precautions.  At that time, the Transportation Department will turn over all further activity to the CSPD.   Student Not Riding.  If your child will not be riding the bus, call the Transportation Office at 520-2945 prior to the scheduled pick-up time.  If your child does not ride the bus for three consecutive school days, without your notification, transportation services will be suspended.  Services will not be reinstated until the Transportation Department receives notification concerning the circumstances and reinstated services are requested.   Related Issues   Medication and Personal Items.  Your bus driver will gladly assist you in transporting medication, health aids and other items you send to school.  All personal items and medication must be marked with your child’s name and instructions for use.  Medications must be in a closed container.  All items and instructions will be transferred to school personnel, who meet the bus and are designated to assist your child.  If your child has special medical needs that should be considered during transportation, ensure that these issues are identified and that the Transportation Department is notified of any changes to ensure that proper care and accountability can be provided.   Wheel Chairs and Seat Belts.  All special needs students riding special needs buses must be secured with a seat belt, safety vest or child seat when on the bus.  All wheelchairs, walkers, car seats and other devices in which your child may use while on the bus, must be in good repair and equipped with a manufacturers safety belt that must be fastened while riding on the bus.  To assist in controlling the spread of colds and infections, parents shall maintain their child’s wheelchair in a clean and sanitary condition.  The brakes on wheel chairs shall be in good working condition and must be locked while on the bus.  If not, your child will not be transported until repairs are made.   Daycare Location.  Before choosing a daycare provider, please check with the Transportation Department to ensure that the location is within busing boundaries for your child’s school.   Safety Rules – On the BUS   Follow all instructions from the school bus driver.  Treat everyone (school bus driver, motoring public and fellow passengers) with courtesy and respect.  Inappropriate conduct, use of questionable language, or abuse of others will not be tolerated.   Do not extend objects, hands or head out the bus window.  Serious injury could result.   Remain quiet and orderly.  Students will be assigned to a specific seat.  Stay seated; seat-to-seat, back-to-back.  Do not distract the driver.  Keep the aisle clear.  Talk quietly while on the bus.  Be totally silent at all railroad crossings and major intersections.   Keep your belongings in your backpack.  Items NOT allowed on the bus:  animals, skateboards, scooters, balloons, laser pointers, weapons, explosive items, any tobacco products, matches, lighters or any item that is a health or safety hazard.  The driver has the authority to secure all objects.   Special Considerations.  Eating and/or drinking on the bus is prohibited unless authorized for health conditions.  Musical instruments will only be transported when space is available and they can be transported safely.  Vandalism to the bus will be charged to the student and/or the parent/guardian.   Video and Audio Recording.  Video and Audio recording will occur during the school year.  Students will not be notified when a recording device has been installed and in use.  Video and Audio recordings will be treated as protected student records under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.   Additional Information.  Violations of school bus rules will be handled on an individual basis between rider and driver.  If a problem continues, parents will be contacted and actions taken by school officials and/or the Transportation Department.  Immediate loss of transportation may occur depending on the severity of the violation.  School bus transportation can be suspended for willful misconduct or endangering the overall safety of the school bus or its occupants.  Issues related to the student’s disability will be considered when determining appropriate disciplinary or administrative action.