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After School Activity Bus


  • A coach or point of contact must meet the bus each time.
  • Students riding the bus must be part of an after school program.
  • Manifest of riders must be completed and issued to school bus driver.
  • Only students eligible for Transportation may ride the activity bus.
  • Activity Route Stops may not be the same as the regular school bus stops - they are generally centralized stop locations.
  • Students are only allowed 1 write up before the student is off the activity bus.
  • No food or drink is allowed on the bus.


  • Please make requests 4 weeks prior to the start of the activity .
  • List the dates and times requested followed by the expected number of students that will be riding.
  • Provide the point of contact who will be available during the activity route including name, number, and email.
  • A valid account string must be provided prior to bus being scheduled.
  • Regular routes take priority over activity routes.
  • To cancel a bus call us at 520-2943.