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Staff Resources and Review Process

District 11 utilizes technology and technology tools to fulfill their educational objectives. We follow laws regarding how student data is collected, stored, accessed, shared, and deleted. By providing transparency we build trust with our parents and the community. 

The Instructional Technology and Library Services department is here to help you understand and begin the software and digital resource review process. 

IT review Process

Prior to use with students, please check the D11 Approved Applications to see if a resource has already been reviewed.  If it is not on the current list, follow the steps below.

Start your request with an email to ITLS Review, who can tell you if the resource will need to be reviewed.

  • If directed, submit a Technology Support Ticket to initiate a new review.
  • Once the ticket is received, the review process begins. 
    • Multiple departments within the Tech Division look for network and desktop compatibility, application support and account provisioning requirements, and ITLS for student data privacy concerns.
    • Resources containing content must be reviewed by Curriculum and Instruction
    • Upon completion of the review, you will be notified of the next steps.  These may include, but are not limited to:
      • Curriculum and Instruction review
      • Continued work within the Technology Division
      • Procurement facilitation

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work behind the scenes to get you the answers you need regarding this complex process.


Additional helpful resources

ITLS Digital Instructional Resources

 Common Sense Media is an evaluation tool used by teachers in District 11 and provides services and guidelines for parents as well.  Create an Educator account and see available resources to help you keep your students safe.

District 11's Essential Trainings include a student data privacy course required annually.