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2019-07-22 Pearson AIMSWeb 1 0

Pearson AIMSweb 1.0

On July 22, 2019, Colorado Springs School District 11 received notification from Pearson that a data security incident had occurred within the AIMSweb 1.0 platform. 

Around November of 2018, an unauthorized third party gained access to a set of data related to the AIMSweb 1.0 platform owned by Pearson, a company that provides products to schools worldwide to aid in education. Colorado Springs School District 11 used the AIMSweb 1.0 platform up until early 2019. 

In mid-March of 2019, Pearson became aware of this data security incident. Pearson indicates that they immediately launched a review, which included outside cybersecurity experts, to determine the nature and extent of any data potentially affected. 

Pearson indicated that the student data affected includes:

  • Student first name
  • Student last name
  • In some instances, student date of birth; 

No grade or assessment information was affected in this incident, and the AIMSweb 1.0 platform does not contain Social Security numbers, credit card data, or other financial information. 

Pearson tells us they have no evidence that this information has been misused. However, as a precautionary measure, they are offering complimentary credit monitoring services from Experian for affected individuals. If you are interested in learning more about this option, please call 866-883-3309 or email

All of the student information affected by the incident is subject to disclosure under the Colorado Open Records Act, and the student information is classified as “directory information” under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and District 11 Board of Education Policy JRA/JRC - Student Records/Release of Information/Student Data Privacy

If you have questions for School District 11, please contact the following individuals: 

John McCarron, Assistant Superintendent/Chief Information Officer
719-520-2085 or

 Katherine Ritchie Rapp, Director of Archives and Records
719-520-2075 or