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Resources for Staff

District 11 continues to increase the use of technology and technology tools to fulfill their educational objectives.  As a district, we are obligated to provide transparency in order to build trust with our parents and the community.  We must follow laws regarding how student data is collected, stored, accessed, shared and deleted.  Information needs to be shared with the community so that they know we are keeping our students safe when using websites, apps and technology tools online.

Below, you will find some resources to help you look at online tools with a critical eye to student data privacy, and will help you begin the software vetting process.  The first things to consider when considering a new tool are:

    • Has the tool already been reviewed by the district?
    • Is there a similar tool already in place?
    • Is there a curriculum component to this tool?
    • Will it require a purchase, or is the tool free?

 Prior to use, products should be sent through a technology review to ensure that it works on our network and that privacy policies are adequate for national, state and CDE standards.  Just some of the information will include the following:

    • Name and instructional purpose of the tool
    • What type of information is collected for each student?
    • How does the operator use student information?
      • Is the information shared for commercial or advertising purposes?
      • What measures do they take to protect the information?
      • What are the retention and deletion policies for student information?
    • Link to website and privacy policy
      • Is the privacy policy easy to find?
    • Answers to the questions above regarding what the tool requires

Please go to the Software and Digital Resources Review Process page.  You may be asked to put in a Happy Fox ticket.

To search to see if the District has a similar tool in place, check out Reviewed Digital Resources.

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