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District 11 Network Communications Services

We provide support for all District provided office phones, voice mail system, video conferencing, outcalling system and cellular services.  The District has over 3,500 phones and 4,000 voice mail boxes as well as a video conferencing services, the D11 Loop and BB Reach.  In addition, we provide technical support for all District cell phones including corporate email sync on smartphones.  Technical assistance is available by contacting the District Support Center at 520-2211 or by e-mail at  If you have a general question, you may contact the Telecomm Department at 520-2222.

District 11 staff can click on this  LINK to access more resources on the D11 Intranet.​

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In order to provide additional security features for District 11 students and staff in Virtual Meetings, changes were made that restrict Webex Personal Room meetings to District 11 students and staff.  In addition, virtual meetings may be scheduled by teachers in Schoology, which restricts access to students and staff in the course.  Meetings that will include attendees from outside D11 must be scheduled meeting.

Please click HERE for a short video for additional instructions.

Parent Quick Start Guide

Student Quick Start Guide

How to login to Webex     (D11 Webex Login Page)

How to join a Webex Class created in Schoology

Troubleshooting Webex Meetings

Additional Staff Telecomm and Webex Resources are available on the Intranet.  Click here to access

If prompted, enter your email address for your username and your network password.

Mobile Hotspots

All District 11 schools have T-Mobile hotspots available for checkout to students and staff.  Additional information for troubleshooting the devices as well as basic instructions are on this link:

Parent Information Guide

Personal Cell Phone Services - Discounts

Click HERE for cell phone discount information for District 11 employees.