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Human Resources Vision and Mission Statement

Colorado Springs School District 11 Human Resources Vision and Mission Statement

Mission – Our purpose: What we want our students to leave us with.

The Human Resources Department supports Colorado Springs District 11’s mission of empowering the whole student to profoundly impact our world by recruiting, employing, and supporting an exceptionally qualified, engaged and diverse workforce.

Mission Impacts – How we will know we are moving toward our mission.

 The Human Resource Department will:

  • Strive to be a district of choice for employment throughout the Pikes Peak Region.
  • Use adaptive and evolving techniques in hiring and fill the needs of positions with qualified candidates who strive to impact students.

Vision – What our future will look like.

The Human Resource Department’s vision is to support the dynamic, collaborative community of energized educators and supportive partners with a passion for continuous learning. 

Strategies – The most critical work needed to move toward our mission.

 In pursuit of our mission and mission impact the Human Resources Department is:

  • Committed to work to innovate and adapt to the evolving workforce.
  • Committed to enhance relationships and services with employees, supervisors, stakeholders, employee groups and leaders, through collaboration, communication, employee engagement and job satisfaction initiatives.
  • Committed to proactively recruit, retain, and ensure the success of a diverse, qualified and committed workforce. 
  • Committed to focus resources to develop initiatives making salaries competitive in the market for Teachers, Educational Support Personnel, and Executive Professionals.
  • Committed to being leaders who foster relationships with all employees that are respectful and focused on the value each person brings to D11 while providing recognition and honest feedback.

Strategic Delimiters – Things that have tripped us up in the past and we commit not to do going forward.

The Human Resource Department will not:

  • Allow past practices to be the measure of future performance and ideas.
  • Avoid conflict or difficult conversations, nor engage in problem solving through the lens of blame.
  • Engage in initiatives that are misaligned with our mission.