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The mission of the Facilities Department is to maintain buildings and grounds to the highest standards possible by providing continuous monitoring and upgrading of all campus locations, operating systems, and athletic environments.


To assure that all students and staff are given the opportunity to grow and learn in world-class facilities.  

Facilities Core Beliefs

We believe the Facilities Department supports the district's mission by:

  • Ensuring a safe and secure environment
  • Working together to achieve a healthier environment
  • Continuously providing a clean and welcoming appearance at all district campuses
  • Ensuring that all operating systems and equipment are at optimum efficiency
  • Achieving our goals professionally, efficiently and responsibly through collaboration and communication
  • Displaying the highest levels of integrity, honesty, courtesy, and respect
  • Establishing and following preventative maintenance programs and proactively planning to meet the evolving needs of the district

Organizational Overview

Facilities Operations and Maintenance Department is accountable to the Superintendent, reporting through the Chief of Operations. The Department provides maintenance, preventative maintenance, and small repairs of the district buildings and structure. The goal is to complete work order service calls within 30 days or outsource the work.

Our department includes: District-wide custodial support; Warehouse; In-house Shops (Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Grounds, Construction and Environmental). Our work for repairs and maintenance is initiated through a work order process using Brightly, our work order management system.

Self-Help projects are encouraged. However, we need to pre-approve to ensure safety and compliance with district standards are maintained. We have unmarked utilities on our property that, if damaged, can have a greater impact on school operations.


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