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The mission of GrandFriends is to unite two very important segments of our community, our elders and our youth – the wisdom and experiences of our past and the creativity and energy of our future – to improve the academic achievement of our young people.

Today, many children arrive at school without the experiences basic to the learning process and necessary for success in obtaining academic skills.  Once in school, many students lack the support needed to give them the confidence and self-esteem important in achieving excellence.

GrandFriends are an integral part of the educational team preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s world.  Our retired and senior citizens with their multiple and valuable skills serve as talented mentors to our students.  The students benefit not only from the sharing of these skills but also from the relationships they develop with the GrandFriends.

Teachers continually praise the addition of GrandFriends to their classrooms.  By creating an opportunity for interaction between senior and student, the child is helped, the older citizen feels useful and the community as a whole benefits through students who are better prepared for life’s work and to make positive contributions to society.

For further information contact:

Dawn Enger
GrandFriends Project Coordinator