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    TIP: If you don't know the exact course number or name, start with a broad search and use "Contains" and not "Starts With" because your keyword may not be the first word in the title. Also, you can shorten your keyword if it could be used in multiple forms. For example, searching for course names that CONTAIN "web" will find Website Design and Web Design . 


Content Area Abbreviations

  • Use these prefixes in your course number search. If you want to see all courses in that category just type the prefix in the course number field and click the Submit button.

    ..........MIDDLE SCHOOL..........
    ARM. = Art
    BEM. = Business Education
    CFM. = Consumer And Family Studies
    DIM. = Discovery Program
    ESLM. = English as a Second Language
    EEM. = English Elective/Communication Skills
    FLM. = Foreign Language
    FNM. = Fundamentals (Special Education)
    GMPM. = Gifted Magnet Program
    ITM. = Industrial Technology
    HEM. = Health
    MAM. = Mathematics
    MSM. = Miscellaneous Education
    MUM. = Music
    PEM. = Physical Education
    LAM. = Reading/English/Language Arts
    SCM. = Science/Health
    SSM. = Social Studies
    ..........HIGH SCHOOL..........
    AL. = Alternative Education
    AR. = Art
    BU. = Business Education
    CE. = Computer Education
    CF. = Consumer and Family Studies
    DIH. = Discovery for High School
    EN. = English
    FL. = Foreign Language
    FN. = Fundamentals (Special Education)
    HE. = Health
    IT. = Industrial Technology
    MA. = Mathematics
    ME. = Miscellaneous Education
    MU. = Music
    OC. = Odyssey Courses
    PE. = Physical Education
    PLTW. = Project Lead the Way
    SC. = Science
    SS. = Social Studies
    VE. = Vocational Education
    US. = ROTC Education
    AFE. = Adult and Family Education
    AS. = Adams State University Courses
    ELP. = Extended Learning Program
    PP. = Pikes Peak Community College
    UC. = UCCS Courses
    UCD. = University of Colorado Denver Courses