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Spotlight on Excellence

The Board of Education recognizes and celebrates the outstanding contributions and successes of individuals and schools that directly help promote the overall district and board mission, vision, and priorities.



On Wednesday, August 23, 2023, during the Regular Board Meeting, the Board of Education celebrated Mr. Glenn Gustafson under the Spotlight of Excellence. Glenn was recognized for his 30-plus years of outstanding service to District 11, his unwavering commitment to students and staff, and for positively impacting public education in Colorado. Thank you, Glenn, for making a positive difference. Best of health and happiness in retirement.



At the June 8th School Board Meeting, the Board of Education recognized Dr. Mary Thurman for her unwavering commitment and service to District 11. For her professionalism, work ethic and dedication to our students. For the countless hours she has invested in employee group negotiations, and for always treating everyone with dignity, respect and human decency.


At the June 8th School Board meeting, the Board of Education recognized Dr. Nicholas Gledich for his lifelong dedication to public education and his devoted commitment to all things District 11. For positively impacting and inspiring so many students and staff members over the years and for making a difference in the D11 community and the entire Colorado Springs area.