Audubon Elementary School

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    Audubon's Fall Book Fair October 23 - November 1 Click Here for Details


    Mission: Fuel students’ excitement about learning by exploring the natural connections between Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math on a solid foundation of literacy. 

    Vision: Changing “I can’t into “I can,” and changing a dream into a plan.  

    Motto: Investigate, Discover, Connect, Create, and Reflect






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    Parent/Teacher Conferences October 23 to October 24

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    John J Audubon

    "The American Woodsman"

    The school was named after John Audubon the bird painter.  At one time, the area between the school and Palmer Park was a bird sanctuary after being a coal mine.  The new streets were named after birds: Lark, Wren, Oriole, Robin, Meadowlark, and Finch.


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