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D11 Futures - ICAP

What is ICAP?

What is an ICAP? -Individual Career Academic Plan

ICAP is a multi-year process for students in grades 6-12 to explore, discover, and connect their coursework learning to activities and experiences that will prepare them for college, the military, trade/technical school, or the workforce.

What is the Purpose of ICAP? - Helping Students Plan & Own Their Future

Every student is prepared to be Postsecondary and Workforce Ready (PWR) upon graduation from a District 11 (D11) high school is the purpose. We want every student to identify, plan, and then enter a college, trade/technical school, the military, or a workforce opportunity designed to further a students' education and career training beyond high school.

What is Naviance?

Naviance (also called Naviance Family Connection) is the primary tool a D11 student uses to explore and learn about themselves, complete meaningful activities and assignments, and set goals for their future. 

Conversations for  Students, Families, Schools, and Our Community

The ICAP is a student-driven plan. It is meant to be a frequent conversation starter for students, families, schools, and our community.

  • Student role: be involved in the ICAP process, complete assignments, and communicate and work toward goals with family, friends, and your teachers and counselors. 
  • Family role:  support participation in the ICAP and ask your student to invite you to support them. 
  • School role:  schools help with the planning as well as providing meaningful opportunities to learn about the world of work and future educational/career opportunities. Teachers, counselors, and administrators provide time, instruction, and collaborate on the best ways to help students complete ICAP requirements.

How Does an ICAP prepare my student for Work, College, the Military, Trade School, or Other Opportunities?

A student creates an ICAP in collaboration with family and school partners. These discussions and activities help a student define their interests, skills, and goals. 4-Year Plans of Study can then be created around electives, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or Career Technical Education (CTE) coursework that interest a student. An ICAP is a guiding tool to help students plan and prepare for life after high school through their middle school and high school years.  

ICAP is a Legislative Law, a District 11 Board Policy, & a Graduation Requirement

State Bill 09-256 and Colorado State Board of Education Rules 1 CCR 301-81 created standards for Individual Career Academic Plans (ICAP). Two goals of this provision were to help decrease dropout rates and increase graduation rates. ICAP was designed with the intention to assist students and their families develop, maintain, and work toward a pathway toward graduation and postsecondary education and career success.

Completion of an ICAP is a graduation requirement for all seniors.