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Odyssey Early College & Career Options

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Odyssey ECCO is a satellite campus for Pikes Peak State College. Students have the opportunity to earn an associate's degree or 60 credit hours towards their bachelor's degree, at no cost to families. The curriculum is designed as a coherent unit, with high school and college-level work blended into a single academic program.

culinary students
automotive students

Academic Programs

  • Career and Technical Education​

    • Agriculture and Hydroponics​

    • Automotive​

    • Business​

    • Culinary ​

    • Cybersecurity ​

    • Early Childhood Early Teachers​

    • Hospitality​

    • Information Technology​

    • Telecommunications ​

  • College Courses​

  • Honors Courses​

    • Math (Algebra 1-4)​

    • Introduction to Math for the Liberal Arts​

    • Intermediate College Algebra ​

    • Biology

Clubs & Activities

  • Academic Club or Competition
  • Arts or Music Club
  • Community Service Club or Organization
  • Social Clubs


  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Community Resources
  • Special Education Services     
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