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NCAA Course Requirements for High School Athletics

NCAA Approved Courses

Guiding the District Eleven Student-Athlete to succeed in the classroom and on the playing field!

District 11 is proud to offer its NCAA Approved Core Courses. We are committed to the success of District Eleven's student-athletes and strive to offer the finest counseling as student-athletes prepare for success in the college classroom and onto graduation.   The NCAA has approved courses for use in establishing the initial-eligibility certification status of students-athletes from Coronado, Doherty, Mitchell, and Palmer High Schools. Check with individual school counseling departments for course information. For more information about NCAA initial-eligibility standards, please contact the NCAA's website at    

American Literature 1-2 English 7-8/HL/IB
American Studies (ENG) English Semester Lab
Colorado Past, Present & Future English Forensics 1-2
Communication Skills/Basic Future Fiction
Creative Writing Global Literature 3-4
Earthwatch (ENG) Grammar & Composition
English 1-2 Language Use
English 1-2/H Life Issues 3-4
IBMYP English 1-2/H Literature/Bible
English 3-4 Logic & Persuasion
English 3-4/H Mass Media
IBMYP English 3-4/H Mythology
English 5-6 Senior English Workshop
English 5-6/College Bound Senior Literature
English 5-6/H Skills/Comp/Adv
English 5-6/HL/IB Southwest Literature
English 7-8 Speech/General
English 7-8/AP World Literature 1
Language & Composition/AP Modern Fiction
Novel to Film Senior Speed Reading
Advanced Skills & Composition 1-2/H Creative Writing & Rhetoric
Senior Literacy & Communications  
Social Studies
20th Century World History 5-6/HL/IB History of the Americas 7-8/HL/IB
20th Century World History 5-6/SL History World/US 3/H
American Government B/C History World/US 4/H
American History 1 B/C Junior Communications Seminar
American History 1-2 Micro/Macro Economics
American History 1-2/AP Micro/Macro Economics/AP
American History 1-2/H Political Science
American History 2 B/C Psychology
American Studies (SS) Psychology B/C
American West Psychology/ADV
American West B/C Psychology/ADV B/C
Civics Psychology/AP
Colorado Past, Present & Future (SS) Social Studies 9
Earthwatch (SS) Sociology
Economics Sociology B/C
Economics C Sophomore Communications Seminar
Ethnic Studies US History 1-2/AP
European History US History 3-4/H
European History/AP US History 3-4/PIB
Geography US History 3-4/PIB/H
Geography (US) US History/H
Government and Law 1 B/C World & America 1878-Present
Government and Law 1-2 World & America to 1877
Government and Law 1-2/H World & US History B/C
Government and Law 1-2/PIB/H World Geography
Government and Law 2  B/C World History 1 B/C
History: US/World 5-6 World History 1-2
History: US/World 5-6/H World History 1-2/H
History: World/US 3-4 World History 2 B/C
Human Geography 1-2/AP World History 1450-Present 1-2
(Old title - World & US 1-2)
History Reconstruction-Present 3-4
(Old title - US & World 3-4)
World History 1450-Present 1-2/H
(Old title - World & US 1-2/H)
History Reconstruction-Present 3-4/H
(Old title - US & World 3-4/H)
World & US 3-4
US Government World & US 3-4/H
US Government/IBMYP/H GIS Geography
ESL United States Government 1-2 IBMYP US History Reconstruction-Present 3-4H
(Old title - IBMYP History: US & World 3-4/H)
Human Geography 1-2/AP Issues in 20th Century History
IBMYP World History 1450 -Present H
(Old title - IBMYP History:  World & US 1-2/H)
U.S. Government 1-2/ESL
Southwest Studies World History/AP
Algebra 1-2  Interm Algebra (Pikes Peak CC)
Algebra 1-2/ADV  Math Analysis/Trig 1-2 
Algebra 3-4  Math Analysis/Trig 1-2/H 
Algebra 3-4/H Math Higher 5-6/IB 
Algebra 3-4/PIB  Math High 7-8/IB 
Algebra 5/Trig  Math Methods 5-6/SL/IB 
Calculus 1-2/AP  Math Methods 7-8/SL/IB 
Geometry 1-2  Math Studies Sub/IB (IB Math Stud 5-6SL) 
Geometry 1-2/H  PIB Math/H 
Geometry 1-2/PIB  Probability & Statistics 
Integrated Math 1-2  Tech/Applied Math 1-2 
Integrated Math 3-4  Tech/Applied Math 3-4 
Integrated Math 5-6  Topics in Math 1-2 
Algebra Using Computers Trigonometry 
Calculus/UCCS Functions/Trig 1-2
Core Plus Math 1-2 Interactive Math Program 1-2
Core Plus Math 3-4 Interactive Math Program 1-2/H
Integrated Algebra/Geometry 1-2 Interactive Math Program 3-4
Integrated Algebra/Geometry 3-4 Interactive Math Program 3-4/H
Integrated Algebra/Geometry 5-6 Interactive Math Program 5-6
Algebra w/Investigations Interactive Math Program 5-6/H
Geometry w/Investigations Interactive Math Program 7-8
IBMYP Geometry 1-2/H Interactive Math 7-8/H
IBMYP Algebra 1-2/H IBMYP Math 3-4/H
Statistics/AP Constitutional & Criminal Law
American Government/AP Current Issues
Psychology 1-2/IB/SL United States Government/H
Natural/Physical Science
Applied Science/Math (Lab) Chemistry Subsid (SL) 7-8/IB (Lab)
Astronomy (Lab) Chemistry Subsid 5-6/IB (Lab)
Astronomy/Space 1-2 (Lab) Chemistry Subsid 7-8/IB (Lab)
Astronomy/Space 1-2/H (Lab) Chemistry/AP (Lab)
Biology/Chemistry 1-2/Applied (Lab) Chemistry/CP
Biology 1-2 (Lab) Earth Science 1-2
Biology 1-2/H (Lab) Earthwatch/Science
Biology 1-2/PIB (Lab) Environmental Science  1-2 (Lab)
Biology 5-6/HL (Lab) Environmental Science 1-2/AP (Lab)
Biology 7-8/HL (Lab) General Chemistry 1-2
Biology Survey 1-2 Geology 1-2 (Lab)
Biology Survey 1-2/H Geology/Geography 1-2
Biology/AP (Lab) Human Anatomy & Physiology (Lab)
Chem Com 1-2 (Lab) Human Anatomy & Physiology/H (Lab)
Chemistry/Physics/Earth Science/Intro Oceanology 1-2
Chemistry 1-2 (Lab) Physical Science 1-2 (Lab)
Chemistry 1-2/AP (Lab) Physical/Chemistry/Earth Science/Intro
Chemistry 1-2/CP (Lab) Physics & Technology 1-2 (Lab)
Chemistry 1-2/CP/H (Lab) Physics 1-2 (Lab)
Chemistry 1-2/H (Lab) Physics 1-2/H (Lab
Chemistry 3-4/PIB/H (Lab) Physics Subsid/IB (Lab)
Chemistry Higher 5-6/IB (Lab) Physics/AP
Chemistry Higher 7-8/IB (Lab) Physics/PIB (Lab)
IB Environmental Systems SL 5-6 IBMYP Chemistry 3-4
IB Physics SL 5-6 IBMYP Chemistry 5-6
IBMYP Biology 1-2 Environmental Studies 1-2 (Lab)
Physical/Earth & Space Science 1-2 Physical/Earth & Space Science 1-2/H
Biotechnical Engineering 1-2 Forensic Science 1 & 2

Additional Core Courses

Advanced Basic German/AP German 1-2/H Spanish 1-2/PIB
Computer Basic Japanese 1-2 German 1-2/PIB Spanish 3-4
Computer/Pascal 1-2 Latin 1-2 German 3-4 Spanish 3-4/H
Computer/Pascal 3-4 Latin 1-2/H German 3-4/H Spanish 3-4/PIB
French 1-2 Latin 3-4 German 3-4/PIB Spanish 5-6
French 1-2/H Latin 3-4/H German5-6 Spanish 5-6/H
French 1-2/PIB Latin 5-6 German 5-6/H Spanish 7-8
French 3-4 Latin 5-6/H German 7-8 Spanish 7-8/H
French 3-4/H Latin 7-8 German 7-8/H Spanish Subsid 5-6/IB
French 3-4/PIB Latin 7-8/H German Subsid 5-6/IB Spanish Subsid 7-8/IB
French 5-6 Latin/AP German Subsid 7-8/IB Spanish/AP
French 5-6/H Pascal/UCCS IBMYP French 1-2/H IBMYP German 1-2/H
French 7-8 Russian 1-2 IBMYP French 3-4/H IBMYP German 3-4/H
French 7-8/H Russian 3-4 IBMYP French 9 1-2 IBMYP German 9 1-2
French Subsid 5-6/IB Fren 5,6 SL) Russian 5-6 IBMYP Spanish 1-2/H Japanese 3-4
French Subsid 7-8/IB Fren 7,8 SL) Russian 7-8/H iBMYP Spanish 3-4/H Japanese 5-6
French/AP Spanish 1-2 IBMYP Spanish 9 1-2 Japanese 7-8
German 1-2 Spanish 1-2/H Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1-2 Spanish for Spanish Speakers 3-4
IBMYP Spanish 9 1-2 Japanese 7-8