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Middle School Schedules


Interscholastic Schedule *


Football Schedule (in partnership with Colorado Springs Park and Rec): August 1- September 29

Football Registration through Colorado Springs Park and Rec   

Football Schedule August 1 - September 28                

Girls Track Schedule   August 21 - October 7 

Wrestling Schedule  September 18 - November 4


*Girls Basketball Schedule: October 17- December 16

*Boys Basketball Schedule : January 8 - February 24


Volleyball Schedule: February 26 - April 27

Boys Track Schedule: March 11 - May 4  

*Cut sports with try-outs and limited spots. 

Hybrid Sports ** (Intramurals where students compete against other schools) 

Boys Golf: August 28 - September 27 (District team) 

Boys and Girls Cross Country: September 25 - October 25

Coed Soccer: April 8 - May 13 

Boys Volleyball: February 28 - April 20  

Girls Golf: March 18 - May 3 (District team)   

* Interscholastic Sports- Students from a school engage in athletics with other schools at a competitive level to include; scheduled games with all schools, officials at all games, post season competition, guided by a handbook. If a school does not have a program they may join another schools program under the guidance of the District Athletic Director. 

** Hybrid Sports - Students from a school engage in athletics with other schools at a semi-competitive level to include; games with other school teams. Hybrid sports are a blend between Interscholastic and Intramurals (a semi-competitive athletic opportunity played within a school against other student within the school).