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Athletics Participation Fees

High School Athletic Fees:

Hockey: Full Fee: $200.00; Reduced Lunch: $134.00; Free Lunch: $66.00; Non District Fee: $300.00

Golf Boys and Girls: Full Fee: $100.00; Reduced Lunch: $67.00; Free Lunch: $33.00; Non District Fee: $150.00

All other sports including Boys and Girls Lacrosse: Full Fee: $82.00; Reduced Lunch: $55.00; Free Lunch: $27.00; Non District Fee: $123  (If you have multiple kids in the same school that participate in sports, please inquire in the business office, or if your athlete plays in multiple sports, if you quality for a family discount.) 

Middle School Athletic Fees

All interscholastic sports: Full Fee: $50.00; *Reduced lunch: $33.00; *Free Lunch: $17.00; Non District athlete fee:  $75.00 (*Food and Nutrition, Free or Reduced, Approval Letter must be presented at the time of payment.)

If your athlete plays three or four interscholastic sports within the same year the third sport is a reduced fee: Full Fee: $25.00; Reduced Lunch: $17.00 and Free lunch: $9.00

If you have more than one athlete in the same school playing middle school interscholastic sports there is a family max of $200.00 (excludes golf and football).

Supplemental Health Insurance:

This is how to give families the option of purchasing Accidental Insurance.  


This is an option on the Sports Physical form. (#2 under Insurance Release)  


So if a parent asks send them to the Liabilities page and on the right there is a link to Student Accident Insurance.  



D11 Liability Page:  

Link to the Accident Insurance page:  

When signing up it asks what district or school. Have the parent just put in 11 and it will pull up D11 schools.