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Chris Noll


"We, as a coaching staff, are eagerly anticipating another season. We believe our athletes across the district will continue to exceed expectations and will rank us among the elite in Colorado. The coaching staff and support staff are committed to providing the highest quality of programs and opportunities for our young athletes. We want to thank our community for their continued support."  Chris Noll, District 11 Athletic Director,


Support Staff


District 11 Athletic Office
2020 Glenn Summer Rd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Tel: 719.520.2690    Fax: 719.520.1720

Yann Ulrich, Assistant Athletic Director:

Rose Simmons, Admin. Assistant:

D11 Athletic Game Tickets Are Now Online 

The gates at Garry Berry Stadium and the four traditional high schools of D11 are now cashless gates.  Spectators are now required to purchase tickets  or tickets will be sold at the gates with credit cards being the ONLY method of payment.  All spectators are asked to pre-purchase their tickets before arriving at the games.

Concessions at High School Events

At this time, all concession stands are still only accepting cash.  Please plan accordingly.

Parking at Garry Berry Stadium

One of the values we promote through athletics is good citizenship.  This year, our soccer and football teams have home games at the Garry Berry South Field and Garry Berry Stadium. We promote CITIZENSHIP and being GREAT neighbors to the community that live near the fields at Garry Berry Stadium and the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus (RJWAC).  Please use the parking lots at the RJWAC whenever possible.  If you do park in the neighborhoods, please pay attention to where you park and don't block driveways and please make sure you are parking in the street and not on the curb.  Keep your trash in your vehicles and let's make sure we are leaving the neighborhood cleaner than we found it.  Pay attention to your speed as you enter and exit the neighborhoods and PLEASE turn your music down.  In essence, be great citizens and let's make sure we are great neighbors to our friends that live close to Garry Berry Stadium. Thank you in advance for supporting our District 11 community!

**New ADA parking along Glenn Summer** Please be sure to park in the road and not on the road level ADA sidewalk. 

District 11 Athletics - Transportation Policies 

District 11 High Schools would love to provide transportation to and from all athletic events but due to limited budgets, that is not an option.  Head coaches and/or athletic directors have the authority to not provide transportation when they deem it is in the best interest of all/most parties.  The following methods of transportation are used by the District 11 Athletic Department: 

ROUND TRIP:  is defined as a bus that takes athletes to a competition and also brings the athletes back from a competition.  Round Trip transportation starts at a District 11 facility and ends at a District 11 facility. All athletes on a team are required to ride the bus to the competition and ride the bus back from the competition unless signed out by a parent/guardian.  Athletes are allowed to only be checked out and ride back with a parent/guardian.  There are NO exceptions to this rule. 

Examples of ROUND TRIP transportation:  (Not limited to and subject to change!)

Competitions that are outside the town of Colorado Springs or Fountain.

Competitions in Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, Pueblo, Woodland Park, Castle Rock, etc.

Competitions in Monument that occur Monday-Friday. 

ONE WAY TRIP: is defined as a bus that takes athletes to a competition.  The bus drops the athletes off at the competition and leaves.  There is NOT transportation back to a District 11 facility during a One Way Trip.  Athletes are expected to find their own way home from the competition.  Coaches will NOT arrange rides or give athletes a ride home or back to a District 11 facility.  Coaches will wait with an athlete until a ride becomes available for them.  Please make arrangements for athletes to be picked up and picked up on time or early.   

Examples of ONE WAY TRIP transportation:  (Not limited to and subject to change!)

Competitions on Mondays-Fridays.  NO One Way Transportation take place on Saturdays.

Competitions at Air Academy HS, Cheyenne Mountain HS, Falcon HS, Fountain Fort Carson HS, Mesa Ridge HS, Widefield HS.

ACTIVITY BUS TRIP:  is defined as a Round Trip Transportation but will take place in a smaller bus that is driven by a District 11 coach or staff member.  Athletes are required to ride the bus to and from the competition as described Round Trip unless a parent/guardian signs the athlete out.     

NO TRANSPORTATION:  is when transportation is NOT provided at all by District 11.  Athletes will be told a time to arrive at a location and District 11 and its coaches will not provide or arrange rides for athletes.  

The size of a team is a major factor in deciding what type of, if any, transportation will be provided.