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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of an Academic Master Plan?

Overview:   In 2019-20, the district conducted an analysis of programs (Programming Gap Analysis) to determine the effectiveness of the instruction schools were delivering. In that analysis, it was found that there were discrepancies and inequities from school to school promoting the same program, a lack of fidelity with implementation of programs and an alignment problem for students who wanted to follow a pathway of the program.

Collaborative District 11 teams researched, planned, and developed a two to five-year plan for the implementation of a new school, program, pathway, and/or process to increase student engagement and achievement and to strategically serve our community.

The central outcome is to provide the following in D11:

  • Quality Neighborhood Schools
  • Aligned Programming Pathways
  • Expanded College and Career Options
  • Equitable Access to Instructional Core

What is the process and timeline for the Academic Master Plan?

The District began initial planning and outlining steps for the AMP in the fall of 2019. Staff and community members were surveyed in the spring of 2020 for input on programs, best practices, school configurations, and how best to attract and retain students. Based on that input, the District compiled the information and began to draft ideas as to how to proceed over the next 5 years.

One major implementation in the fall of 2020 was providing transportation to Gifted Magnet School sites (Fremont, Stratton, Sabin, and West). This was done to ensure equity of access for all students who might qualify for the GMP but do not have the means to get to the school.

With COVID-19, focus for the District needed to shift to develop remote learning plans and dealing with the pandemic. Thanks to the previous input from the community, it was determined that a Dual Language Immersion Program and an Online School would be prioritized for the 2021-22 school year. Dual Language Immersion is housed at Rogers Elementary School, and Spark Online is housed at Trailblazer Elementary School.

In the 2021-22 school year, all elementary schools were given the opportunity to apply to be pathway sites in specific programs. We are pleased to announce that the following pathways will launch in fall 2023!

  • Columbia and Martinez Elementary Schools: Arts Integration
  • Bristol and McAuliffe Elementary Schools: Science, Technologu, Engineering, and Math (STEM)
  • Howbert Elementary School: Outdoor and Environmental Education

What is the vision for D11 and how will the AMP tie to this vision?

The Academic Master Plan aligns to the District Strategic Plan, the D11 Graduate Profile, and D11 Equity Policy.

Why are we embarking on the AMP now?

The district is looking to the future and is determined to serve our community with the highest level of programming and pathways which will attract and retain students, providing the best educational offerings in the city.

How will the plan be implemented?

The AMP is a 5-year plan which will be subject to review yearly and adjusted to meet the needs of students. The Superintendent will move forward with the plan as directed by the school board.

Who will provide input on the development of the AMP?

Department heads, staff members, community partners, and the public will provide input via surveys and direct involvement in developing potential scenarios for consideration. Anecdotal and written suggestions will be noted and incorporated into the collected data.

Thus far, the information collected in the Spring of 2020 has been a large part of the AMP development. Continued community and staff meetings in December helped to develop the future direction of the AMP. The development of ideas, options and recommendations was submitted with the AMP to the School Board in spring 2022.

Will teachers and administrators have a voice in the process?

Yes, all teachers and administrators are encouraged to participate in the process. All principals were asked to invite their staff and community to rounds of informational meetings held via WebEx in December 2020. There is also a video presentation of the meetings if people cannot attend one of the 16 WebEx meetings.

Will students have a voice in the process?

Yes. They can express the programs, pathways, and subject matter which is most important to them and that which has made the most impact on their life.

Do you envision closing any schools?

The AMP is not about closing schools; it is about providing a quality, meaningful, and life-preparatory education at every site located in D11.

Will this make D11 more competitive with the surrounding district?

The AMP will provide the framework for the programs that D11 will offer its students and families. We believe this framework will provide a diversity of educational options and pathways that will engage families within our community as well as those beyond our borders who are seeking the options D11 may afford them.

Is COVID-19 impacting the Academic Master Plan?

Yes. Due to the pandemic, it was impossible to hold in-person World Cafes, a forum previously used to bring the community together for face-to-face discussions. The District held WebEx meetings to continue the gathering of information from our community and staff with surveys.

What if I have a question that wasn’t answered in the FAQ’s?

Please go to the “Contact Us” webpage to submit questions or comments.