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School District 11 is committed to every student having the opportunity to learn in an environment that inspires them, find their passions, and grow as learners. Read through this website to learn our plans to rebuild, reimagine, and rediscover the future of D11! 

rebuilding d11 schools

School District 11 is leading the way for the future of public education! During the 2020 school year, District 11 embarked on a yearlong process to learn the community’s priorities for the district’s academic programming and school facilities. With school buildings averaging over a half century old and a pandemic that forever changed public education, District 11 recognizes the importance of ensuring schools and academic rigor are adapting.

During this year long journey, District 11 received over 5,000 points of feedback from teachers, parents, students, community members, and business leaders. This community feedback led to the creation of the District’s Academic Master Plan and Facilities Master Plan. Together, these plans will provide students and families with more choice and control over their academic journeys than ever before. Read below to learn more about these plans and how they will align our school facilities with an academic offering in order to inspire every student to find their passions and grow as learners.

Academic Master Plan

District 11 plans to provide students and families an equitable core curriculum in all D11 schools, as well as choice academic pathways, so children can be inspired to grow academically and dream big! The Academic Masterplan is like a “create your own adventure story” for students and families. In addition to a strong and equitable core curriculum, as students grow through their academic journey, they can discover their passions and have the choice to opt into academic pathways that align with their interests. The key outcomes of the Academic Master Plan are:

  • Quality Neighborhood Schools
  • Distinctive Pathway Schools and Programming
  • Aligned Programming Pathways
  • Expanded College and Career Options
  • Equitable Access to Instructional Core

Click the overview link above to learn more about the Academic Master Plan and our new academic pathways.