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District Operations

Kris Odom Chief Operations Officer


Kris Odom
Chief Of Operations


Kris is a Colorado native from Pueblo who retired from the Air Force after serving 21 years.  Kris joined the D11 Team in 2006. She worked with charter schools, construction projects, and various real estate transactions while she served as the Executive Director Procurement and Contracting for over a decade before her selection as the Chief Operations Officer (COO). She leads with improving student support outcomes and collaborates to develop forward thinking processes to guide the operations team.

The COO is responsible for the overall operations of the district, including facilities operations and maintenance, transportation, food service, procurement and contracting, and security. As the COO, she develops and implements strategies to improve the district's efficiency and effectiveness in student support operations. Kris finds ways to make strategic change to transform traditional methodology to innovative processes throughout the Operations Division.

Other D11 connections include CSASE Board, Mill Levy Override Oversight Committee Liaison, Legislative Liaison, Policy Sub-Committee Member, Procurement Ethics Official and Charter School Administrative Team.

Kris’ professional affiliations include Colorado Association of Business School Officials (CASBO), National Institute Governmental Purchasing and Rocky Mountain Governmental Purchasing Association where she holds her Certified Public Procurement Officer certification.

Kris has a passion for watching football, gardening, playing golf and most importantly spending time with her family.