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Financial Services




The Department of Financial Services is committed to providing outstanding support to all stakeholders through the responsible and accountable use of resources with a primary focus on supporting student achievement.


The Department of Financial Services provides excellent support focused on:

  • Responsive, timely, and accurate customer service;
  • Delivering outstanding financial services and reports;
  • Integrating user-friendly processes with best-available technologies; and
  • Creating an environment that empowers a highly skilled, reliable team.

Financial Services is responsible for:

  • Maintaining all of the District’s accounting records.
  • Reporting and preparation of all district financial activities which include the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR), monthly and quarterly financial statements to the Board of Education, and required regulatory reports.
  • Maintenance of all fixed asset records to include land, buildings, and equipment.
  • Payroll for all district employees, payroll reporting to the Internal Revenue Service and Colorado Department of Revenue, and all pension administration reporting including tax-sheltered annuities (403b), 401k, 457 plan, Medicare, and the Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) through the Payroll Department.
  • Payment of all vendors and employee charges through the Accounts Payable Department.
  • Invoicing and/or receipts of all district revenues.
  • All treasury related activities including: 
    • Management of the District's banking; 
    • District's cash flow management program; and 
    • Bond and certificates of participation maintenance.

Financial Services is also responsible for the internal audit function, and accounting and payroll training as it relates to the schools and other internal user departments. In providing these functions, school audits and various in-services accounting seminars are conducted annually. In addition, current accounting and payroll instruction manuals are maintained and made available on the District’s website.

The Financial Services Department has 19 full-time employees to process all accounting, budget and payroll activities. This includes two administrators, seven professionals, and 10 support employees.

During the fiscal year, Financial Services processes the following quantities of transactions:

  • The Accounts Payable Department processes over 10,000 vouchers. 
  • The Payroll Department issues over 50,000 payroll checks and direct deposits and responds to over 2,000 employees inquiries. 
  • Extensive full audits and mini audits are conducted.
  • Accounts Receivable processes over 500 invoices and over 2,000 receipts. 
  • Over 45,000 asset items are maintained and tracked -- both capital and non-capital. 


  • The District’s Annual Comprehensive Annual Financial Report has received an unmodified opinion from its external auditors and has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Association of School Business Officials International.
  • The Financial Services Department has been working diligently to enhance its customer service with district staff and district vendors, while at the same time taking advantage of new technology.
  • The Accounts Payable Department has implemented a program to pay district vendors and employees by direct deposit with email payment notifications. 
  • The Financial Services Department has implemented an online approval process for P-card purchases. Instead of reviewing and approving the hard copy of the statements, approvers can now review and approve electronically; which can be accessed anywhere/anytime. 
  • The Financial  Services Department has revised and re-structured the accounting manual and implemented monthly internal audit communications.