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District Accountability Committee

The District Accountability Committee (DAC) is a decision-making advisory group appointed by the Board of Education (BOE) in compliance with the Colorado state law.  It serves as a middle ground between Schools, Administration, and the Board of Education.  DAC provides a public forum for parents and community members to participate and assist the District in achieving its missions and goals.  We welcome your involvement.

~ Marion Clawson, DAC Chair, Clawson.Marion@gmailcom


District Accountability Committee is composed of approximately 28 representative members appointed by the Board of Education.  Good faith effort was made to reflect the District's diverse background in the creation of this committee.


Vision:  Assist the District with decisions aimed at providing the best overall education for our children.

Mission:  DAC will formulate and provide timely recommendations to the Board of Education on District spending priorities, policies related to student assessment and achievement, charter school applications and the overall effectiveness of district programs.  To this end, DAC will make it a priority to support and solicit input for School Accountability Committees (SACs)

DAC Bylaws:  School district advisory committees are a requirement in Colorado School Law. The Board of Education has adopted DAC bylaws in its policy to address accountability committees at the district and at the school level.


There are four DAC sub-committees and various ad hoc committees under the umbrella of the DAC.  These sub-committees meet separately and present their recommendations to the DAC.

  • Accreditation Subcommittee - Makes DAC approved recommendations to the BOE relative to the accreditation of District 11 schools and the development of the District Improvement Plan. 
  • Budget Subcommittee - Makes DAC approved recommendations to the Board of Education relative to cost containment and prioritization of expenditures of District 11 funds as it relates to student achievement and safety. The subcommittee may perform other non-administrative functions as directed by the Board of Education and sanctioned by DAC, as the subcommittee meets throughout the year. 
  • Membership Subcommittee – Solicits and facilitates memberships for the DAC, its various sub-committees and the SACs.
  • Training and SAC Support Subcommittee – Support and train SACs to understand and execute their responsibilities. To this end, this sub-committee will develop quarterly training sessions and conferences.
  • Ad Hoc Committees - These committees are formed to study issues that may arise during the school year or as directed by the BOE. Meetings are limited to the study of issues and any recommendations are made to the full DAC committee for discussion and approval.


  • The DAC meets on the third Thursday of every month from 6:00 - 8:00pm at Tesla, Room 116:
    8/17/23, 9/21/23, 10/19/23 (Board Candidate Forum), 11/16/23, 1/18/24, 2/15/24, 3/21/24, 4/18/24, 5/16/24.

  • SAC Training will occur at Tesla, Room 116:
    September 28; November 30; January 25, 2024 and April 4, 2024.

  • The Accreditation Subcommittee meets on the 2nd & 4th Mondays from 5:00 - 6:30pm via WebEx throughout the school year. 2023-2024 meeting dates are as follows:
    8/14/23, 8/28/23, 9/11/23, 9/25/23, 10/9/23, 10/23/23, 11/13/23,11/27/23, 12/11/23, 1/8/24, 1/22/24, 2/12/24, 2/26/24, 3/11/24, 4/8/24, 4/22/24, 5/13/24.

  • The Budget Subcommittee will meet on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays from 6:00 - 7:30pm via WebEx and in-person (in the Board Room):
    9/12/24, 9/26/23, 10/10/23, 10/24/23, 11/14/23, 12/11/23, 1/9/24, 1/23/24, 2/13/24, 2/27/24, 3/12/24, 4/9/24, 4/23/24, 5/14/24, 5/28/24, 6/11/24, 6/25/24.


We welcome your involvement. If you are interested in DAC or have any questions please contact Marion Clawson, DAC Chair,