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Help us Conserve! Turn Down, Shut Off & Unplug

Breaks are a great opportunity for our schools to save on energy costs and reduce our carbon footprint! YOU can make a difference by following the below checklist.

So please make a concerted effort to unplug equipment, power down, and ensure that vents are uncluttered.  Thank you and have a wonderful break.

All requests for heating or cooling during these time intervals must be scheduled by submitting a work order in the Asset Essentials Management System.

Thanksgiving Break Energy Conservation Shutdown memo and checklist: HERE

Winter Break Energy Conservation Shutdown memo and checklist: HERE

Spring Break Energy Conservation Shutdown memo and checklist: HERE

Summer Energy Conservation Shutdown memo and checklist: HERE



Power Down

  • Turn OFF all lights when leaving for the day/weekend.  Personnel working over the break should only use lighting in immediate work areas.
  • TURN OFF all personal computers - do NOT turn off FILE SERVERS - Computer labs instructors should properly shut down their labs.
  • The Konica MFP's are energy star labeled and have energy saver functions in place. Therefore, it is not necessary to shut these down. However, if you want to turn them completely off, please visit the DTS Help Desk blog on how to properly shut down the copiers. Personal printers, copiers, and laminators can simply be turned off via the power switch.
  • Unplug space heaters, appliances, radios, fans and other unnecessary equipment when leaving for the day/weekend.

Chill with the HEAT

  • HVAC centralized systems will be set to unoccupied temperatures.  
  • School/athletic activities occurring over the break requiring HVAC systems should be scheduled via work orders in the School Dude Work Order Management System as soon as possible.



  • Prop open bathroom doors.
  • Open sink cabinets and doors to areas that contain water pipes.
  • Ensure all unnecessary exhaust fans and hoods are turned OFF.

Trash & Recycling

  • Trash & recycling pick-up will be temporarily suspended during breaks throughout the school year.  During the summer months, a list of schools with heavy usage will have regular service.