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Power Down

Power Down

Turn off Lights

  • As you leave a room, make sure the lights are turned off

Turn off Computers

  • Even when computers aren't being used, they use a lot of unnecessary energy, make sure they are turned off when you leave for the day, the weekend, or an extended holiday
  • By simply adjusting a computer's standby mode, up to 70% more energy can be saved

Use Power Strips

  • While still plugged into a wall outlet, electronics continue to use power, by plugging all electrical devices into a power strip, you will only need to turn off one switch at the end of the day

Passive Heating & Cooling Tips

  • Dress for the weather! Expect to wear a few layers in the winter months.
  • Adjust the Shades appropriately; during the cold months, open the blinds to allow daytime sunlight in and close them at night for an extra insulating layer.  During the warmer months, close the blinds during the day when the sun is blazing hot and open them later in the day when the temperatures cool off and the sun rays are not shining through.