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Stormwater Information

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The need to protect our environment has resulted in a number of control laws, regulations, and programs. For example, in 1987, Congress established the Non-point Source Management Program under the Clean Water Act. These programs recommend where and how to use best management practices to keep runoff from becoming polluted. We can all play a hand in preventing runoff pollution:

  • Do not litter
  • Reduce fertilizer on gardens and lawns
  • Recycle used oil and grease
  • Use proper materials to clean up spills of gas and other potentially harmful chemicals before they can drain into storm drains or creeks
  • Pick up animal feces from your yard
  • Use landfills
  • Don't wash your car where the detergent water can run into the stormwater drains

The school district has a program to reduce this stormwater runoff pollution. If you witness illegal dumping of used oil, or other illicit dumping on school grounds, please report it by calling the City of Colorado Springs Code Enforcement at (719) 444-7891 and School District 11 Facilities Department at (719) 477-6004.  Together, we can make a difference.