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Our Schools - What they are doing

Spring 2023 saw Fremont Elementary and Jenkins Middle School participate in an amazing Student Engagement program with Schneider Electric. These sessions can shape up in a variety of ways.  With our students they’ve held 60-90 minute sessions where they’ve (Schneider’s team and our students) built and raced solar cars, enjoyed smoothies using blenders powered by the sun and battery backup.  The Energy & Sustainability program here at D11 is always looking for new and innovative ways to engage and involve our students and staff to take our student learning to the next level.

The D11 Energy & Sustainability program staff, partnered with Renew Our Schools (ROS), Colorado Springs Utilities, and the Colorado Energy Office, to bring D11 students a FREE project-based energy education program. The Energy & Sustainability program staff and our partners took to the classroom to educate our students on how what we do today will make our world a better place tomorrow. They learned about the energy consumption of their building, and the tools and technology used to monitor and reduce that energy.  


Galileo School of Math & Science - Home of the Bulldogs

The Galileo Garden is a unique project that allows students to participate in growing food that is served in the Galileo cafeteria.

Jenkins Student Engagement

Galileo Garden in the News

The award-winning grassroots project grows more than produce. It connects students to food, the land and the community.

2016 Palmer Land Trust SCCA Environmental Stewardship Award

The Environmental Stewardship Award recognizes an individual or organization(s) that has positively impacted the land and the way members of our communities understand and respect their relationship to it, whether through recent efforts contributing to significant land protection, exceptional land management practices, educational programs, through strong grassroots efforts, or by way of example.

Buena Vista Elementary

Composting Service Learning Project at BV

We hope that by starting small, we’ll build a sustainable foundation that ultimately becomes a part of the BV fabric. We’re already excited about the growth potential and the opportunities this project provides!

Check it out in action

Food Composting at Buena Vista Elementary