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Compliance Documents Include: 

* UMB Bank Statements (required monthly with Title I expenses highlighted) 

* Parent Event Documentation (sign in sheets, worksheet examples, PARENT EVENT receipts, etc.) 

* Receipts (for NON-PARENT Involvement/Events Payments) 

* Parent Compacts and Annual Letters (Note: If these were distributed in hard copy form, you MUST also send in one of the copies of the planner/other means of distribution. If distributed electronically, a copy of the email MUST be included in this submission)


How to Access Your Title I Funds

Title I is a federal grant and as such, subject to many audits, at the district, state, and federal levels. We must be able to provide evidence that each expenditure was approved and allocable to the grant.

Salaries and Benefits

  • Salaries and Benefits are pre-approved in the grant. The Title I account code is put into PeopleSoft- HR for those staff members paid from Title I funds.

  • The Principal will enter a Personnel Requisition into PeopleSoft- HR for any new or replacement hires, then the Title I office will review and provide the initial approval.  This ensures the correct position and corresponding account code is being used when it is a Title I funded position.  The approval will then go through the designated approval process and end in HR for final approval.

Extra Duty and Substitutes

  • Extra Duty for Teachers – Pre-approval for teachers to work additional time is not necessary IF it is in the Title I budget for the school.  At the end of each month, send in the Teacher Extra Duty form (half sheet or electronic) to the Title I office. The “duties performed” line MUST state Title I Tutoring, parent night, etc. 

  • Tutoring/Intervention – please be sure that the Title I office has temp worker forms on file for the current year. If there are not current forms, it could delay payroll. 

  • Substitutes – Please contact the Title I office prior to calling in for subs to obtain the correct sub code. Once subs have been in the building, the Title I office will email the Principal for approval and then clear them in the sub system. 

  • ESP staff working extra hours must keep track of hours in Time Clock Plus.

Supplies and Materials; Electronic Media, Capital Outlay

  • Pre-approval from the Title I office is REQUIRED. Please send in a Title I Supplies & Materials Requisition Form with a quote for the pricing on what will be purchased from the website. 

  • The Title I office will code with the appropriate account number and send an approval email with instructions for purchasing.

  • Electronic media purchases are coordinated with IT.

  • Capital Outlay expenses are coordinated with Procurement so materials are barcoded for inventory purposes. 


  • Printing may be sent directly to the Print Shop using the school's Title I print code. Please contact the title office to obtain Title I print code associated to the school.

  • Copies of what is being printed must be kept, along with the print job request order, in a place where the copies can be accessed in the event of an audit. 

  • Remember, curriculum needs cannot be printed with Title I funds, only supplemental materials. 

  • Invoices should be sent to the Title I office to be tracked on the expense reports sheets. 


  • Field Trips – please fill out the Field Trip Attestation form on the Title I School Resources webpage and send to the Title I office for pre-approval. 

  • When the bus request is entered into the system, please put in the "Notes" box that Title I will be paying for the bus. 

  • After school busing – when requesting from transportation, be sure to indicate Title I is paying for the transportation. Transportation will then contact the Title I office for an account number.

Purchased Services

  • If  there are purchased services (e.g. consulting, training, professional development coming into a D11 building, etc.) in the Title I budget for the school/program, please take the following steps:  

  • Schools/programs complete the Contract Requirements for Consultants form at least two weeks before the start of services and/or before a consultant enters a D11 facility. Submit the form to the Title Office (Maria Slaunwhite for Title I Elementary and Jim Bartelson for Title I Middle and High, Title II and IV).  Be sure to submit the Statement of Work or Memorandum of Understanding, with the Contract Requirement for Consultants form. 

  • After approval from the Title Office, the form will be forwarded by the Title Office to the Procurement and Contracting Office. The submission by schools/programs two weeks prior allows sufficient time for the Procurement and Contracting Office to complete the required processes with vendors.   

  • After services have been completed, schools/programs send any invoices to the Title Office (Maria Slaunwhite for Title I Elementary and Jim Bartelson for Title I Middle and High,Title II and IV). The Title office will review invoices and forward to the appropriate offices for payment processing.   

Travel and Registration

  • Use the District 11 Travel Request Form found on the District Intranet page under “Travel Documents”.

  • Please fill out the travel form and send it to the Title I office, including all back up documents: registration for the conference, any travel expenses, per diem calculator, and any mileage incurred. 

  • Do not pay for registration until the approval email from the Title I office has been sent. Out of state travel requests must be signed by the Superintendent, so please allow extra time. One month prior to the travel date is preferrable.

  • Registration confirmation will need to be sent to the Title I office before the travel request to Accounting for per diem distribution to participants can be sent. 

  • Parking or bag fees cannot be paid in advance. Receipts will need to be submitted after staff returns.

Parent Involvement

  • Please submit Title I Parent and Family Engagement Request Form TWO weeks prior to the event. Just like supplies requests, please do not purchase anything until the approval email from the Title I office has been sent. 

  • It is understood that numbers may be an estimate.

  • Invitations with RSVPs are a MUST.  Food is to be purchased based on the RSVPs that were received. Otherwise, Title I funds may not be able to pay for purchased food.

  • Sign in sheets are a MUST. Templates are available on the Title I School Resources webpage.

  • Some kind of evaluation form is a MUST. Use the template on the Title I School Resources webpage or a dot chart will suffice.

  • Documentation requirements will be included in the approval email. If the appropriate documents are not submitted after the event, charges will be JE’d back to the school's general fund account. 

P-Card Statements

  • Any purchase made on the school p-card using Title I funds, must be accounted for by the Title I office.

  • Send the same p-card statement that was uploaded into the system and be sure to mark any Title I specific purchases.