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Title I in Colorado Springs School District 11 is a federal formula grant that gives additional dollars to schools with high rates of poverty.

            * These funds are used to increase reading and math achievement for AT RISK students in these schools.

            * Title I schools running schoolwide programs may use federal dollars for any student in that school.

            * Schoolwide Title I programs use funds to provide services such as, extended day programs, before or after-school tutoring

              programs, summer interventions, increased professional development for staff members and supplies and materials that

              would otherwise be unavailable to them

"This website contains specific information available to the public and the school community at large regarding the latest information on the topic of Title I. Should you have a specific question or request for information which cannot be located on our web pages, please do not hesitate to contact us at  719.520.2372." ~ Title I Director 

How can you be involved in decisions regarding Title I Programs?

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Every Title I school has funds allocated for family engagement activities. By participating in these activities a parent can become more involved in the school's educational goals and the educational outcomes of their child. Please get engaged with your school and your students through parent engagement opportunities! 

How do I find out about Title I at my school?

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Every Title I school is required to have an Annual Meeting to explain the school's Title I budget. Parents can also contact the school for more information about the individual school's program. 

How does the District monitor and support the Title I Programs at the schools?

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The Title I Programs Office works to support the Title I Schools throughout the school year. The purpose of this office is to provide mentoring, technical assistance, and instruction on Title I policies to ensure compliance with Title I District and Federal regulations. 

What are District 11's focus areas for the Title I Program?

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1. Upgrade educational programs to improve the achievement of the lowest-achieving students

2. Address identified needs using research- and evidence-based improvement strategies 

3. Ensure meaningful family, community, and stakeholder involvement 

What is the purpose of Title I?

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Title I, Part A is the largest federal grant program supporting public education. Title I provides resources to help ensure that all children have the opportunity to receive a quality education, resulting in their attainment of high academic standards. The US Department of Education allocates funds based on census poverty rates from ages 5 through 17. Essentially, Title I focuses on providing additional instructional time in the areas of reading and math. Eligibility is based on statutory formulas. 

Which schools must be served under Title I?

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Any school that has a poverty rate of 75% or higher must be funded under Title I law, in rank order.

How are Title I schools identified?

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Schools must be identified by the district based on the percentage of free and reduced lunch eligible students. This is determined on a yearly basis. 

Title I Director

Tamara Forrest
(719) 520-2372