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One Plan Aligned Services

  • The Department of Student Engagement's commitment to attendance is that no student loses educational opportunities as a result of absences. This is accomplished by planning, directing, and coordinating attendance procedures in accordance with School Board Policy while upholding all Colorado Compulsory Attendance Laws.

    • Prevention and Intervention Services
      • Assists with student absenteeism and tardiness
      • Collaborates with Drop-Out Retrieval Specialists; Engagement Specialists
      • Sends legal Notice of Non-Compliance for “truant” and/or “chronically absent”
      • Prepares and attends Division V Truancy Court in collaboration with YESS Program
    • Professional Development, Coaching, and Consultation
      • Problem-solving and solution processes
      • Data evaluation
      • Referrals to community agencies for support and resources beyond attendance issues
      • Attendance plans and other documents for tracking individual students' progress
      • Providing prescriptive interventions based on the function of school refusal behavior
  • The Department of Student Engagement offers support to schools and building leadership teams to effectively engage in prevention through interventions, resources, and strategies to support behavior, discipline, and engagement tiered approaches. 

    • Professional Development & Consultation 
      • Tiered Approaches to Engagement, Behavior, and Discipline 
      • Implementation of alternatives to suspension & expulsion 
      • E-Cigarette/Vaping Prevention/Intervention Programming & Initiatives
      • PowerSchool documentation
      • Disciplinary investigations & documentation
      • Preventative disciplinary practices
      • Student leadership engagement programming and strategies 


  • The Department of Student Engagement offers services to support early intervention and universal Tier 1 engagement practices in Schools through a variety of supports and services.

    • SE Student Engagement Specialists can support engagement work at schools through:
      • Facilitating school-wide site-based professional learning workshops
      • Site-Based coaching for teachers, PLCs, or other school teams
      • Modeling of Best Practice engagement strategies at the classroom level
      • Providing consultation and collaboration on implementing Tier 1 engagement strategies at the school level
    • Engagement subtopics may include: Mindfulness, Cooperative Learning, SEL Instruction, Engagement Brain Science, Relationship Building Strategies, Attendance Prevention and Intervention, and Emotional Regulation.
  • The Department of Student Engagement offers restorative practices to strengthen relationships, whether that is between student and teacher or school and community.

    • Restorative Practices (RP) Professional Development (PD) (both virtual and in-person opportunities) are open to all staff and scheduled as requested per school.  The PD includes but is not exclusive to: 
      • Introduction to Restorative Practices (general theory and application of Restorative Dialogue and use of Circles)
      • Restorative Justice Conferencing
      • Community/school/classroom implementation of Circles
      • Conflict mediation and facilitation
    • Whole-School RP Implementation
      • Support for training and development of school-based implementation team
      • Support to develop of a core group of RP coaches to help grow the RP culture
      • Multi-Tiered prevention through intervention programming/planning
      • Strengthen Community/District/School engagement